3 Ways To Beat Self-Doubt With Increased Motivation

Are you trying to find the motivation to clean your house? Or perhaps you wish you had the will to get up and start working on your weight loss plans. While it may not seem a big deal, the lack of motivation for these personal projects could prevent you from reaching your goals. 

Getting to the bottom of how to overcome self-doubt should be the first step to increasing your motivation. Whether you have difficulty finishing a task or starting one, you have to understand why you are struggling. You need to work on developing a plan to help motivate yourself to keep going. 

And yet, you have to consider that not all strategies could work for everyone. You have to develop a confidence mantra that could work for you and your situation.

Why Do You Lack Motivation?

Sometimes, the lack of confidence to do something is the problem in itself. There are other times when this lack of confidence is only a symptom of a much bigger problem. 

For example, if you are someone who likes to do things with the utmost perfection, your lack of motivation may come from your fear that you might not get the job done right. 

At other times, your lack of confidence could lead you to procrastinate. You put off doing something because you lack the motivation to get started. 

This is why getting yourself motivated plays a significant role in your success. Get to the root cause of your lack of motivation. From there, you can figure a way out. Here are some of the common reasons why you may be lacking self-confidence or motivation.

You are trying to avoid discomfort

You are dodging the work that needs to be done because you are trying to avoiding feeling frustrated. Taking on a challenging task without the lack of motivation could sometimes come from feelings of discomfort. You don't like finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation, so you avoid trying out new tasks altogether. 

You doubt if you can do it

When you are convinced that you cannot do it, you struggle even to get started. You have that ungrounded notion that you won't be good at it, so you become too afraid to even try. 

You have a lot on your plate

When it seems as if you have a lot on your plate, you begin to feel overwhelmed. Trying out a new task could only scare you, thinking that there is nothing about it that could go right. 

You lack the commitment to finish a goal

When you commit yourself to a task just because someone made you do it, or if they guilted you into it, then you are likely to end up starting it but not finishing it. You won't feel the need to take action because you didn't like the task to begin with. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why people lack motivation. Any of these may cause your lack of motivation. Perhaps it could be caused by other issues like fearing what others may say or the inner desire to always please everyone. 

Carefully considering your thoughts can help you overcome yourself. Not only will you get to the bottom of the reason why you have no drive, but you could truly understand how you can get yourself up and about for a task in the future. 

How Do You Get Yourself Moving?

How do you trick yourself into keeping moving as if you are so motivated to challenge your current behavior? Teach yourself how to move forward in life by acting motivated. Your actions will help change your emotions. 

For example, you can begin by changing your clothes. Instead of wearing pajamas the whole day, you can get yourself dressed so that you can start moving. Taking action will help increase your motivation, which only makes it easier to get going. 

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this, "What would I be doing if I had the motivation to do something?" Consider your mindset, your clothes, and the actions you would be doing. Then get up and do what you thought you would do. That will help get you started. 

Here are the top three things to help you get yourself moving with all the motivation you could ever need. 

Play devils advocate with yourself

When you lack motivation, your brain is focused on the hundred reasons you shouldn't do anything. You think it's hard or you think that doing it won't be any good. If you can, try to argue from the opposite perspective. 

Whenever it feels like you are going to fail, argue all the reasons why you might succeed. When it doesn't seem as if you can complete the job, list all the evidence that shows you can. 

Arguing from the other side will help you see things from a different perspective. When your mind is filled with positivity, it becomes relatively easy to convince yourself to at least try. 

Forgive yourself and try again

If you think being kind to others is hard, try teaching yourself to show the same compassion to yourself. Then, you'll see how truly challenging it is. Being hard of yourself is not going to motivate you. It is only going to make it more difficult to rise up

In truth, the more you show yourself some compassion, the more that you will think you can get things done. Self-compassion is not just about giving yourself the right kind of motivation. It also means allowing yourself to deal with your mental health issues. 

So instead of throwing yourself criticisms that won't help, be your own voice of reason. Speak to yourself as if you were that trusted friend who knows everything. What would you say to a friend who is having trouble trusting himself with anything? Be that kind of person and show yourself a bit more compassion. 

Be the coach that you need. Practice positive self-talk and help yourself recover from setbacks you may have had in the past. 

Go and be one with nature

change of scenery might just do the trick. Getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise on the side could help get you motivated. The positive thoughts and the body's natural endorphins will give you the jumpstart that you need. 

Being in nature gives you that calming effect. It helps rejuvenate the brain, which could then lead you with the confidence to do the task. 

Rather than walking down the street, walk across to the park instead. Being surrounded by nature will help clear your thoughts to focus on more important tasks. 

The lack of motivation can kill your dreams if you don't do anything about it. 

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