5 Indications of Spiritual Transformation (Share with a Friend)

articles Apr 06, 2020

What is spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening is when a person's attitude towards the world and life in general, shifts and perhaps changes forever. 

But what does spiritual mean, and how does it relate to a spiritual awaking? Spiritual means something that speaks to your soul or psyche that isn't necessarily material or physical. So, simply put, a spiritual awakening is a process of change in your beliefs or within your spiritual life.

People usually live their lives however they want to, or however they were taught. They have their values and use them as their guide to living, and there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. But, often there comes a time when something happens, and a person’s psychic awakening is triggered. While some people may be lucky to go through it without pain or sorrow, many have to suffer first before they can see the light. 

Spiritual transformation is sometimes associated with discomfort because it can put a person in a situation where they question everything they used to know. He or she gets hurt so badly or becomes so confused that they feel like there is no hope and that there is no end to their suffering.

But there is hope and there is an end.

And when it happens to them, that’s when they see the value of going through all the "pain." 

Sharing one’s experiences and feelings with a friend does help a lot. Sometimes, it hurts even more, thinking that some people are in a "better" place than us. And yet, when you are hurting, it is best to remember to look at the bright side of things. After all, there is always calm after the storm. 

But is your current suffering a kind of spiritual transformation? Here are the telltale signs of spiritual awakening:

Things begin to fall apart

When things don’t seem to fall into place, and everything else feels or is wrong, that’s when a person hits bottom. They can tell that their life is falling apart and they don’t know what to do. Sometimes, it pushes people to the limits until they decide to give up. At one end, they may realize that the failures they are experiencing are leading them to the life they deserve. On the other end, they may feel like the universe is against them.

Spiritual transformation happens to people who find themselves at their "weakest." It is when they hit rock bottom that they realize they need to do something to change their lives. Whether the change is big or small, it can lead them to a new circumstance that is definitely better than what they have at the moment. 

There’s a lot of confusion in your life

Spiritual transformations do not always come easy, and most of the time, they are challenging to understand. In fact, more often than not, people find themselves confused as to what is going on. Whenever someone goes through a transformation, they find themselves scared of what could happen when stepping into the unknown. What if it is not something that they like? What if it means something they are not prepared for?

Normally, people know what they want, and they know what to expect. This kind of predictability helps them ground themselves to reality. However, when they go through a spiritual transformation, they lose a sense of their grounding. They are put in a position where things start to become confusing. That’s when it hits them hard. Though they know that help will come, they fear that it might be too late. 

The absence of trust is terrifying

Many people are used to being around people they trust. Sometimes, their trust means more than just knowing they have these people with them, whatever happens. Trust can also be representative of hope that things will be better soon. Sometimes, too, this trust is the only thing they hold on to so that they can see themselves through the day. 

A spiritual transformation can take all of that trust away, leaving people lost. When we have trust in people and things, we feel in control. However, the absence of trust can become terrifying. The challenge is not just about navigating the world, it is about dealing with the loss of the people and objects that we used to want and love. Awakening can mean losing everything you previously loved and cared about, not knowing if they will be replaced or not. 

They are going to be replaced in due time, but perhaps not in the way that you think. You lose people because they are not meant to be in your life. You lose them not because it was your fault, but because they no longer serve their purpose. 

You’re feeling a lot of pain about your being

Spiritual transformation may make you more sensitive and more aware. Even the most outgoing individuals become delicate and withdrawn. It is a phase that they have to go through to realize what they need and don’t need in their lives. 

Taking a step back from your usual crowd may be the first step. Being away from people and isolating yourself may look bad to those around you, but it is sometimes the only thing that can save you from feeling worse. It may be the only way that can lead you back to yourself and discovering who you really are inside. 

When it seems as if nothing you do is right and everything about you causes you some sort of pain, then stop and think. Look at the bright side of things. You are hurting now because something is not meant for you. You have to learn to let go in order to become a new person, a better person for yourself.

Sadness overshadows you

A huge part of a spiritual transformation is knowing that you cannot have what you want, simply because it is not for you to take. This is the part that hurts you to the core. When you think you know what you want and you don’t get it, that’s when reality truly sinks in. 

People who are going through a spiritual transformation are those that hurt a lot. They become even more sensitive about what’s happening around them. Such transformations could even mean that you move on from enjoying violent movies and start to seek out less intense entertainment that is easier to digest. 

Your transformation could also mean your eyes have become more open to the world and the changes that are inherent to it. On another occasion, it could put you in a position where you become less tolerant of the world. Sometimes, it helps if you shrug off the problems and just let things be. 

Transformations at a spiritual level could bring about a huge change in your outlook in life. Your personal experience could teach you a lot of things about your existence that you used to ignore. Through this transformation, you will realize how small the world is and how big you can be in it.

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