5 Things You Should Know About The SUPER Full Moon (May 7th, 2020)

articles energy updates May 04, 2020

We are currently in the middle of the most significant energetic gateway in history.

A channeler I am fond of, Bashar… puts it like this…

“The trains are leaving the station.”

What he means by that is that up until now planet Earth has been a huge melting pot of vibrations.


There are saints and sages all the way down to the line to extremely unconscious “low vibrational” murderous sociopaths… and everything in between.


Until now, we have all agreed to this shared reality where we can easily co-mingle.

The 5D energies are now building up to a point however where we will see these trains… these different vibrations… leave the station and splinter off into their own realities.


At this time many are finding themselves at a fork in the road.

On one hand, you may feel pulled in a NEW but scary direction. There may be something your heart and intuition is trying to get you to do, that seems awesome! - but you don’t feel ready… even though you actually are :)

On the other hand, there’s the “rational part” of you that would prefer to keep things as they are… even if they are uncomfortable and don’t make you truly happy, they are familiar and there’s a perceived safety.


Now is the time to go the path of the heart my friend.

Now is the time where the choices you make will begin to solidify and accelerate greatly.

There is no right or wrong here.

There is however a grand opportunity to level up your life in an almost unimaginable way.

There is a chance to walk hand in hand with your higher self through the rest of your days and live a life of authenticity, empowerment, and passion!

But it will require faith… trust… and surrender.


It will require facing the person you see every day in the mirror with brutal honesty.


& I know many don’t feel like they can do that… easier said than done Vic!

But you can… and this Super Full Moon is going to be bringing you EXACTLY what you need.

5 Things You Should Know About The Super Moon…


  1. stay true
  2. letting go of the past
  3. reconnecting

root ball emotion

soul victory


1.) Letting Go Of The “Clutter” Of Your Past…

This Full Moon may highlight areas of your life that need "tidying up.”

For example, I felt guided to clean out the closet in my office recently.

It was a big job…


I’m not the most organized person so it took me a full 3 hours! LOL


Afterward, I felt an incredible “lightness”


not only in my office… but in my body, mind, and consciousness.

Clutter… in our external life is a physical manifestation of the clutter within us.

Freeing up space in your life in whatever way resonates with you is actually a powerful spiritual practice.

It’s as if you’re cleaning off your antenna… (that allows you to communicate with your soul)


During this transition, it’s important to make decisions from a clear space.

Your soul is here… NOW… to guide you… but you have to meet it halfway.


1.) Earthing


Most of us are spiritual people in a sense… and have a fondness for the planet… mother Earth… “mother Gaia.”

Right now is a WONDERFUL time to connect with her.

It’s so difficult sometimes to stay out of stress… and calm in our minds… & remain free of distractions.

Especially now when most of us are forced to stay in our homes… in our boxes.

Available to all… is a FREE medicine that can heal, uplift, rejuvenate, and center us…

& it’s just outside your door.

There’s a whole science to this actually… “Earthing”


Spending time with your feet planted on the Earth’s surface has been proven to boost your immune system, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression… and enhance well being.


Right now it’s such a powerful tool to help you stay firmly planted… in your intuition… where all the answers exist.

Those that can make the arrangements and life modifications necessary to produce an environment conducive to staying tapped in… will have a very smooth and joyful ascent into this higher frequency energy.


I have been doing this every day.

& I live in Las Vegas… so my backyard doesn’t even have any real grass.

In fact, we have “turf” lol.

However, I improvised…

I set up a chair that rests near the edge of my rock garden and cleared away some rocks so I could stick my feet on the dirt.

As simple as this sounds… it has been a game-changer!

3.) Permission To Receive…

I like to do this ritual at my retreats where I have everyone grasp a pen in their hands…

I tell them to squeeze it very tightly.

I then purposely go into a story or something to distract them from the fact that they are clenching a pen.

5 or 10 minutes later everyone totally forgot that they were squeezing the daylights out of that pen! LOL

& then when I say, “Okay folks, go ahead and put the pen down, that’s enough.”

People have a hard time opening up their hands.

It feels like your fingers are stuck!


Most of us are clenching many pens right now…

We have experienced things in life that caused us to contract… and forget to let go.

It’s like we’ve been going through life with our foot on the brakes.


Now is the time to let go… and stop holding ourselves back… and pushing the things we want in life away.

The Full Moon is going to help us do just that :)

Now, most people complain about the moon's energy and say they feel agitated, anxious, and sensitive.

This is good though because those symptoms are the clues where we’re still holding on.

So, it’s a great time to look into that.

Why do I feel this way?

Why am I so tired?

Why is this particular situation frustrating me?

The Full Moon may be pulling stuff to the surface to examine… to learn from… and to let go of.

The result is that the wonderful feeling of wind brushing through your hair was you speed down the highway… fast… free… and whole :)

4.) Acceptance


Now is a time where everyone’s personality, perspective, and energetic signature is being AMPLIFIED.

This is great… but because we live on Earth… a place with so much variety, you may find that certain people or perspectives trigger you… that is to say, irritate you or provoke inner resistance.


This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to work on embracing the beautiful diversity and abundance of soul expressions.

It’s like the story of 3 people examining an elephant, blindfolded.

Huh? LOL

I’ll explain.

Imagine… there’s a person positioned near the back of an elephant.

They are rubbing using their hands and feeling sensations to “define” the elephant.

They run their hand down the long, skinny tail and conclude…

“Ah, elephants are long, thin, and have a puffy thing at one end.”

Another person, positioned in the middle says… “no, that’s not true at all!”

This person is rubbing their hands along the large, flat surface of the elephant’s abdomen area.


They say… “Elephants are HUGE… they are flat, and feel funny against my hands.”


Of course, the third person, examining the ears has a totally different perspective.

ALL true… all valid… but different.

Now is a time to step back… take the blindfold off… and see the real truth.

The real truth is that all perspectives are valid.

The real truth is that it’s okay to think, believe, and express ourselves differently.


The Full Moon is going to show us where we are still blind… where we are still in judgement because this new energy will no longer support this attitude.

& this isn’t a judgement… if we’re honest, most of us still do this from time to time, and what a blessing to see where!

What a blessing to let this go and feel love and appreciation and acceptance for ALL.

5.) Soul Victory


There was a day during my dark night of the soul where I sat on the couch all day.

I didn’t even eat.

I just sat there sulking…

Fortunately, a great book happened to be within arms reach… “The Alchemist.”

This is one of the most famous spiritual novels in print.

I would bet most of you have already read it :)

There’s a line in there that really stuck with me…

I will paraphrase…

“The start of the seeker’s journey is typically met with beginners' luck…


But… at the end… the victor will be severely tested.”

This situation is our test.

Both collectively… and whatever’s transpiring in your own life.

None of it is random… and your entire life (& past lives) have been unfolding with precision timing to bring you here… NOW.

This is the time of the culmination my friend.

This is a time of celebration!


This is the time where you graduate from Earth School and embark on a new journey.

You’ve done the work… passed the tests… and now it’s all about receiving.


The Full Moon on May 7th is going to be that last little push to nudge you across the stage to get your diploma.

Happy Full Moon my friend!


Much love,



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