5 Vibe-Raising Ways You Can Be the Water Bearer

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2022

Aquarius Season ushers in the beginning of a new era...

Last week, we gathered to celebrate its arrival! Watch the Aquarius Meditation Here (full replay soon to come):


Aquarius is the Water Bearer, who brings hydration to humanity.

This “Holy Hydration” can be literal water...

Or it can be figurative - representing the Water Bearer bringing us Higher Awareness.

The more aware you are, the more capable you are of holding space for others…

Through acts of compassion and kindness. This is the essence of Aquarius…

A vibe high enough to perceive subtle energies, and hold compassion when these energies are stuck or stagnant in others.

(A real game-changer, huh?)

Here are 5 Vibe-Raising Ways YOU Can Embody this Energy:

  1. Start the day with fresh air and bare feet. Let Earth be your anchor, and Sky be your sail.

  2. End the day with Gratitude. Journal. Pillow-talk. Be soft with yourself and your words.

  3. Participate in PDA! (Public Displays of Awareness) In other words, be pay attention to the people around you. If they look like they're lost or struggling, see if you can help them out... or just give them an authentic compliment to show that you care.

  4. The Seven-Minute Hug - No words, just hug. Seven minutes, no stops. Try it out with your loved ones and see what happens! Your energy fields will never be the same…

  5. Meditate! Whether it's the 18-minute long video above, or 5 minutes of deep breathing... making time to meditate and be aware of your surroundings is a sure-fire Aquarian act!

There’s so much more to do, and there always is, but please remember that even micro-acts of kindness can have a huge impact…

And your very existence is a gift to this Earth.

So go have some fun with it!

And just know... we're all working on the exact same thing.

With Light, Shadow, & Everything-In-Between,
Your Zodiac Oracle, Amelia

P.S. Here's my '22 Aquarius anthem, if you're interested... (Fair warning - it's not a meditation track ^_^)

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