8 Motivation Methods You Can Try

Do you know what triggers your employees' innate motivations? While their pay is a strong motivator, studies show that what really pushes employees to do their best is the emotion behind their job and if they feel appreciated. Motivation theories say that in order to keep their employees motivated, in addition to the things mentioned above, managers also need to learn how to reach the individual. 

There are several types of motivation strategies, but only a few will be effective for your team. It is your responsibility as a leader to figure out what will work the best. Knowing how to motivate every member of your team can be overwhelming, not to mention frustrating, and may feel like a waste of time, but it will be worth the effort if you can do it. If you can create a culture of inspiration and motivation within your workplace, your employees will enthusiastically come to work day after day. Here are eight tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Take Time To Talk To Them

The importance of motivation is often emphasized, but very few managers truly have a grasp of what this means. The first step you should take in order to understand your people is to talk to them. Start off your relationship with them by setting clear expectations and goals in the workplace. Make sure that all expectations and goals are within reach in your operational reality. 

Then, take the time to listen to their suggestions. A good leader is the one that goes out of their way to listen to his people's ideas, issues, and concerns. Make sure all meetings are structured to accommodate everyone's opinions and time. Also, make sure to have one on one sessions and group meetings regularly so you can listen to the individual and the team separately. 

Tip 2: Learn Their Motivations

What makes the members of your team get up in the morning? What are they passionate about? If you don't know the answer to any of these things, you need to take the time to learn about them. 

All great leaders show interest in what their team members are working on and their personal passions and motivations. The goal is to create a healthy working environment for everyone. 

The workplace is not just about the production of goods or rendering of services. It should also be able to provide a learning environment for everyone. People need to be able to see themselves develop and grow in their job. Find out what keeps your people motivated, and you will see what drives them to give their best in what they do. 

Tip 3: Provide Them With Developmental Resources

"What do you need to help you reach your professional goals?" As a manager, you need to ask your people this question. Their answers will help you know how else you can assist in their growth in your work environment. 

Their answers could range from better equipment to access to more information so they can do their job better. Some of them might even tell you a new office space would be good. 

When you act on the information you get that will be able to provide them with the confidence boost, they need to be better at what they do. 

Tip 4: Offer Compliments Whenever Necessary

Managers need to use a critical eye to make sure everyone does their job well. But every manager should also learn how to give praise and compliments when an employee does something exceptionally well. 

No employee ever complained about being recognized for what they do in their workspace. The appreciation that the management shows them fuels their desire to continue improving their craft. Not only will the company benefit from their increased productivity, but it is their loyalty to the company that will truly make it worthwhile. 

Sincere praise should be given often. 

Tip 5: Make Their Work Purposeful

Every employee wants to understand how their work influences other people's lives. When they gain an understanding of their role in the bigger scheme of things, they become happier. Happy employees produce more. 

As the manager, you need to show them the impact of their work on the community. This is one of the best motivators.

Tip 6: Invest In Developing Their Skills

While regular training helps employees in their career growth, the real development of skills happens in the workplace daily. Give them tasks that will expose them to something new. It won't be easy in the beginning, but it will strengthen their role in the company. 

Perhaps, you can assign them to different areas within a given period. Their exposure to different kinds of tasks will help them realize the many things they can be good at. The point of such activity is to help them find which task they are exceptionally good at. 

When they learn new skills every day, they won't have time to think about leaving. They will only want to learn more. 

Tip 7: Keep Them Involved

A great manager recognizes that leadership is not about who is on top. It is a multi-directional experience that can come from any member of the team. Good managers allow their people to be involved in decision making. 

Whenever they are dealing with a problem, good managers make sure that they ask the team for suggestions. They take everything under advisement. Collective wisdom brings about great solutions. More than that, it keeps employees and management together. 

Tip 8: Let Them Know You Trust Them

Motivational activities will not be worth anything if your employees do not feel that you trust them. It is not just about finding out what makes them tick. It is about believing in them and letting them know that you trust them with their responsibilities. 

Keep them challenged in the workplace, help them grow as individuals, and allow them to be better versions of themselves, and you'll not just have loyal employees, but some new friends as well.

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