Everyday Magical Things ~ Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a shrub or small tree found around North America. It has long been recognized by Native Americans who used its medicinal properties by boiling parts of the plant to treat skin irritations. Now, the leaves and bark are widely used to create an astringent.

Some native American tribes used the Y shaped branches from witch hazel for an ancient method called ’dowsing’. Dowsing a type of divination that attempts to find underground water, gemstones, or oils in the Earth using the branch as a guide.

Witches of the past would use this magic herb in casting spells and charms. Many still believe consuming it in a tea can help heighten our untapped powers.

It has been known to treat: sores, swelling, blisters, eczema, bug bites, poison ivy, and ingrown nails!

Witch Hazel is especially useful for hemorrhoids as it’s an astringent which soothes and cleans the area at the same time. It can also be used as a toner for your face because it can help tighten pores and clean your skin gently. It also helps with brightening the bags under our eyes, shrinking swollen veins and fading blemishes anywhere on our body. It has been said that it can greatly help with acne as well as it cleans bacteria easily.

Using the actual herb can be utilized for a tea as well. This helps with a sore throat or cough. Make sure it’s from the actual plant itself and not the astringent, which has isopropyl alcohol in it. The same herbal extract can be used for damaged gums as well. Many stores carry it, from health food stores to typical grocery stores. So next time you’re out, why not pick up a bottle or even better – the actual herb itself, you never know when you might need it!







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