Spirit Science 15 ~ Power of the Heart

The power of the heart is an incredibly important and sacred topic. It is one of the most important aspects of spirituality across the board, as it acts as a sort of gateway into higher dimensions both within and outside of ourselves.

In the past, the heart has typically been regarded as not as important as the brain, for it doesn’t “think” or allow us to understand the world in the way the brain does.

In truth, the heart has an incredibly powerful energy field and is filled with its own set of firing “neurons” which help it act as a different kind of brain in and of itself, one more connected with our basic psychological processes. If the heart is calm and steady, the mind is calm and steady.

For a great deal of time, it has been misunderstood or simply disregarded among the scientific community, but has slowly been gaining more traction with the advent of the Institute of Heartmath, who has pioneered a great deal of research in this field.

Our intuition itself ultimately stems from the heart, even if the information passes through the brain to be understood logically. The power of the heart allows us to feel empathy and compassion for others, and scientifically it also has its own energy field that is much larger than that of the brain. 100x stronger electrically, and 1000x stronger magnetically!

Beyond just the physical dimension, the power of the heart creates a space of pure love and creation. It is a place of bliss and tranquility we can visit within meditation or our dreams and shows us the path to our true selves.

When we are open to these experiences without judgment or the presence of our ego, we can experience something humanity has been longing for: peace. Stepping into the heart is a lot more simple than you may think, but it requires the pure desire to do so and seeing the true value that our hearts hold.

One way to step into the power of the heart is to relax into a deep meditation and focus on our breath. When we are relaxed enough, we can begin to think of all the things we are grateful for in our lives and hold a feeling of gratitude.

Building up this positivity and staying in a space of light, calm and peacefulness is one of the first steps to opening up our heart space, which also makes it easier to work through tough emotional states.

As we practice keeping this heart space open in our daily lives, we can start to integrate and embody this pure love that is found deep within us all and radiate it out to everyone around us.


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