Spirit Science 16 ~ The Shift of Ages

As 2012 rolled around, this episode focused on the current events happening around that time period. Patchman explains the importance of the shift of ages that happened in 2012 and the connection it had to the Mayan calendar.

It is the completion of many cycles, the longest one being 26 million years, which marks a new age as we begin to enter into the age of Aquarius.

Many years have passed since then, and it has been interesting indeed! Many people were very scared of the end of the world as the calendar seemed to “end”. What it was truly signifying was the end of our old ways, patterns, and consciousness.

This was a window of time where many people started to rapidly wake up all around the world. We can see now that there was no apocalypse but rather an expansion of our collective consciousness, and the shifting is still happening today!

2012 can be seen as a doorway where we can now move into new and better potentials for our world. It is up to everyone on earth to create a harmonious future, it won’t happen if we all sit back and wait for someone else do it for us.

This shift of ages is also a time of tremendous acceleration – both good and bad. Things are getting much more intense. There is a heightened level of fear around war, terrorism, and separation that still grows today. At the same time, the level of people that see through these illusions and are rising in love is also growing rapidly.

This duality is necessary as humanity grows together, to allow us to truly see these global issues in order for us to fix them.

Overall, this was and still is an extremely exciting time! It is a time for humans to band together to stand for what is right and create real, tangible change in the world. Since 2012, the amount of people around the world who are open to spiritual topics has grown immensely!

Many studies proving things like psychic ability, paranormal phenomenon, consciousness, healing ability are very much real. Back before 2012, the energy surrounding these subjects was much more closed off.

As we continue to awaken collectively, we must remember it’s all of our responsibility to create the heaven on earth we’ve all been wanting.


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