Spirit Science 18 ~ The Four Elements

This episode talks about the importance of the four elements, commonly known as Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, which are found in many different systems all around the world. We have the four elements, four states of matter, four seasons, four directions and many more.

This system of four is prevalent everywhere and holds many different meanings. Patchman describes a few ways to view reality, through a single, dual, triple and quadruple viewpoint.

The first one is unity, it is single energy that encompasses all there is. It is singular, and there is nothing outside of it. Then there is duality, it is male and female. Black and white, yin and yang.

Then there is the holy trinity; mind, body, and spirit. More commonly, this can be seen with “up-down middle” “hot-cold neutral” or “male-female child”. Finally, there are four elements that can be understood through the four modalities of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means.

On another level, the energy of four is very stable. Like a chair or table with four legs, it can hold a foundation for other things on top of it. Likewise, a square or cube is a shape which many other more complex shapes can stem from.

What other aspects of your life can you apply this system of four? The deeper you dive into these concepts, the more is revealed that might not have been clear in the beginning.

Everything is intricately connected, so the more we learn about the basic geometries and systems of reality, the more we can apply these concepts to our waking reality!

We will be expanding this episode soon to include the five elemental systems including the eastern elements which include wood and metal but do not have air. As well as the esoteric five elements which include the four elements listed here plus ether, the void or heaven as the 5th element.


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Black Whole – Nassim Haramein

More art by Nikki Drumm, and Abhi Thati

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