Spirit Science 22_4 ~ Source Energy

Ah, Source energy! What is it? This episode attempts to explore a spiritual and scientific description of what “source” is, and how it manifests.

We can see obviously that there is a fundamental difference between biological things and nonliving things, such as the difference between a person and something like a couch. Patchman describes that there is a life force flowing through a human that is not present in an object like a couch. It is our consciousness, our awareness and life essence that makes a living thing be what it is.

From this viewpoint, we are both created and creators in our own right. We have come into this dimension by the grace of our parents, and in a higher sense – God (Spirit/Source/All). Yet, we are clearly creators, manifesting nearly everything in our lives meticulously so – whether its building houses or computer technology. In this episode, we explore the possibility that this awareness that flows through us can be seen as source energy.

It is the thing that gives us life, the ability to create and be conscious. The definition of the source is a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained. Even earlier, the etymology of the word is the support or base from which something emerges.

There are many levels of source energy, all of which stem from an original place of pure creation and light. This “place” is not really a place, but an ever-existing presence that exists within and through all things, including us. On one level, the source can be seen as the earth. We eat the food from it, which sustains and supports us.

There is also the source of light from the sun, which powers the earth, grows the food we eat, thus sustaining us. There is the source of the cosmos, which stems back way to the beginning of time itself.

There is our own heart, creating life within us and all living creatures, even plants have their own versions of a heart.

The most fundamental level of the source could be called God, or whatever name you’d like to put on it. This divine presence can be experienced in deep meditation, and many people describe it as the purest and intense love they’ve ever felt.

We all stem from this original light source, which is the birthplace of creation itself. It is both within and without us, all around us and inside of us. It can’t be seen and felt logical, but through the power of the heart.

Tapping into your own source energy is one of the most powerful experiences you can have. It can act as a transformative reminder that we all stem from this same source, and are all connected to each other.

Taking this understanding and embodying it in everyday life can be challenging sometimes, but with practice it allows you to exist in a beautiful state of compassion and love for all things. Seeing those who challenge us as mere lessons and reflections of ourselves, all put in our lives to help us grow into our true selves: creators of love and light.


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