Spirit Science 22_5 ~ Vessels of Light

spirit science video Dec 02, 2019

This episode is about exploring our bodies as being vessels of light by looking closer at matter and energy. Patchman describes when something is created in geometry, it creates a vessel. Like the cells that make an up a human, we have skin; a vessel that holds us together.

When something new is created, it’s not just the two components that make it up, a singularity is created as well. A singularity is a point of infinite expansion and contraction, a point of change, and a point of possibility.

How do singularities work? We can gain insight into this cosmic question by observing them in nature. When toroidal fields come together, it’s two coming together to create an entirely new one. Just like when a child is being created, two people come together to create an entirely new person.

Pathman believes at the edge of a singularity is one of the first things that comes into existence is light, both on the physical and energetic level. When light reaches the top of the visible spectrum, it must change, so it goes through the singularity (taking a 90-degree turn) and changes geometry.

Just like a flame on a candle, at the very top of the flame, it becomes invisible and transforms into something else. Singularities are literally everywhere, both large ones, and small ones.

In many ways, we are all singularities between this physical dimension and the higher energetic dimensions. We exist between both constantly as we are anchored down here physically, yet can explore the vast universe through our thoughts and dreams, and even inventions.

With this awareness, we can begin to understand how we act as a channel of information for the higher and lower dimensions. As beings that exist between both, we can take in aspects of the physical world, and the energetic world to ultimately use our awareness for the greater good of our planet.


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