Spirit Science 26 ~ The Big Picture

This episode zooms out and looks at the big picture unfolding here on earth, and in the universe itself. Our story on this planet doesn’t actually start on this planet at all but within the stars.

These stars, bursting with light energy are what initially created the planet we call earth. From an explosion of stars, this laid the foundation of our solar system to grow into being. Our planet started as a collection of dust and rock particles.

It evolved throughout huge spans of time, slowly creating biologic life. Primitive lifeforms in the form of blue-green algae were some of the first types of life on our planet. Water formed like veins of the earth, trees began, soil fertilized the ground, and life, as we know it slowly, started to emerge.

The first homo-sapiens appeared on our planet a few hundred thousand years ago. Some ancient civilizations say we arrived on this planet from the stars.

Jumping ahead to modern-day, we’ve sort of dropped the ball of life more than a little bit. We’ve tapped deep into the earth to harvest it’s gas, oil and natural resources. Cities emerged and we’ve ripped the natural life from the ground to install pavement to walk on. We’ve cut down trees for their wood, kill animals for food, suck water from the ground. All of these things wouldn’t be so bad, except that we’ve now taken the practices to beyond-excess, and are depleting the planet of all of her resources.

Our current plan still seems to be to pick every corner of the earth until there is no more. But then what happens when there is no more to take? We need to change our perspective to look at the big picture and see the earth as a living organism. We have raped the earth in so many ways, and still, expect more and more. Our beautiful planet is infinitely giving and still allows us to take from her freely.

A time is coming where this way of life will no longer sustain us, and it might hit humanity like a truck if we don’t drastically do something quickly… There is a positive aspect of this, for the extreme situation has brought about an opportunity that requires all of mankind to come together as one. If we strive to create a new world together, a new way of life, we can save the planet and ourselves, and live together as one global family.

It’s a very exciting – and a little bit scary – time for all of us, as we begin to see the collapse of many old perspectives and systems. To make way for new ones. From this destruction will come the most beautiful creations if we work together.

It is time to band together with our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. It’s a time to see beyond our differences and embody genuine oneness once again.



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