Spirit Science 28 ~ The Lower Chakras

In this episode, we return to explore The Lower Chakras! In the first Chakras episode, we touched upon the chakra system and how it all works, and have mentioned it frequently throughout the series. In this episode, however, we are taking a closer look at the first three chakras, and their significance in the spectrum of life.

These are our lower chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Most of humanity operates from these chakras, as our western society is largely based around them. This is because society is built upon the reflections of our own consciousness, and the western civilizations are still very young comparatively to the older cultures in the world.

When we’re first born, we exist in a pure state of survival, needing our parents care to keep us alive. This vulnerable state is the first of the chakras as it’s primitive and the base for everything to grow from. The root chakra is intertwined with the environment around us, so if we grow up in a negative or traumatic home, it takes longer to explore the next chakras naturally. Faith is again a key component in getting over any traumas and establishing your understanding of your higher self.

Once we feel safe to explore our world, we then extend to the next two chakras: the Sacral and the Solar Plexus. Usually one or the other first. Let’s look at the Sacral, which invites us to interact with others, our parents, friends and those around us in a more familial sense.

This chakra is all about our relations with the world around us, not just our personal relationships or friendships but this also includes our behavior and actions in each moment in the world around us! Bringing balance and understanding to your Sacral will impact every aspect of how you view yourself and others.

Once we understand how to interact with the world around us, we want to understand how exactly these things work together and finding our power in creating our own reality. This then begins our exploration into the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus is about the willpower, what compels you to action. This chakra can be expressed by playing with the world around us, picking up things, exploring the cause and effects of our actions so we can learn and grow as spiritual beings.

From here, the heart and higher chakras still might be hidden if we are not yet fully grown in awareness. The nature of our society largely keeps us separated through technology, belief systems and prejudices. Through this, we can easily have a blocked heart chakra and have more difficulty accessing the higher chakras.

How do we get there? This is explained in the next episode!



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