Spirit Science 3 ~ Channeling

This episode focuses on channeling or the inherent ability we all have to perceive information from beyond our physical selves! There are many aspects of what channeling actually means – and many people can easily become skeptical of this concept – understandably so, for it deals with that which lies beyond the physical realm.

Despite this, the most fundamental process of channeling is something we do all the time, such as thinking and expanding our thoughts to understand concepts we had not previously considered. In a sense, even breathing is simply channeling energy in and out of your body.

When you paint, sing, dance, or create in any way you are channeling your creative energy. When you are in the flow of something, when something just comes to you easily, that is channeling creative energy! It is pure, source energy that just comes through you when you are deep into something you love doing.

Being a channel for something is simply allowing it to flow through you, as you act as a conductor of it. This doesn’t necessarily look like someone sitting down and having spirit talk through them, but can be experienced in many forms, such as the feeling of electricity shooting through you in a rush of creative inspiration.

As you explore your spirituality, channeling can evolve into something much deeper and amazing. Fundamentally, everything in our universe is one single energy, expressed in an infinite number of ways.

From this understanding, we can learn that EVERYTHING exists – and there’s no need to question if something does or doesn’t exist, because even thoughts are real, and there is no limit to what we can think of. Becoming aware is the first step, aware that life is infinite, and a great deal of it may even wish to communicate with us. So just as we must practice awareness of intentions with other humans, so too must we practice this with the beings we encounter beyond the physical plane.

When we open ourselves up to this realization – we open our energetic channels to receive information from much higher dimensions, and our higher selves.

For now, we would like to describe how to channel your higher self, which at the end of the day – is truly all you need. The first step to being able to channel is quieting our mind to actually hear the information being told to you. Our minds are constantly scrambling with thoughts, often causing confusion, and stopping us from tapping into the various streams of information.

Meditation becomes very important here, learning to quiet our minds, and see how many of our own thoughts try to wiggle their way back in. Once we can hold an open mental space for more than 5 minutes, then you are ready to ask bigger questions to the universe and listen intently.

If you try this, you will probably hear the answers in your own voice, and it will seem like your imagination at first. You may find yourself having conversations in your head with yourself, and confused about “who is the one speaking?”.

This is perfectly normal, as we begin to clear our minds we may find a lot of mental voices that have an influence on us which are not our higher selves, and becoming aware of them can help us clear those voices out of our thoughts, so that the true “us” can shine through.

The more you practice, learn and understand different techniques, the more open you become to channeling outwardly. Listening to your higher self and allowing the greater “I Am” to flow through you will allow you to be more fully you in any particular moment.

Of course being aware that it is very easy to think you are channeling your higher self when you are really just pulling in your own ego and mental understanding. Your breath and the intention in your heart are key in distinguishing the difference!

You can also practice channeling with your friends by sending mental images back and forth and seeing if you can receive them. This is also an inherent form of telepathy we all can learn – but like a muscle, it’s something that we must exercise in order for it to become stronger.

The more you practice, the more open you become!

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