What are Spirit Shirts?

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Spirit Shirts are a revolution in action! The concept behind them is simple: An energy-infused hand-printed wearable piece of art that uplifts anyone who comes into contact with it. The intention behind it was truly wanting to make something that came purely out of the love in our hearts, and so we made sure that from the ground up that each and every aspect of the shirts were made from the highest quality ingredients. These shirts are crystal infused and alchemized together with so much love, in order to produce a sacred tool for your spiritual journey.

“Not your ordinary t-shirt”

The magic of the Spirit Shirts comes from the combination of several important elements:

  • Organic, natural materials
  • Crystal infused ink
  • Charged with a purposeful meditation
  • Designed to enhance the vibration of each Chakra
  • Made with Love!
  • Here’s a more in-depth look at each element:

Here’s a more in-depth look at each element:


We live in a world where so many of our products are mass-produced to be as cheap as possible. Things made in this way often have little regard for what damage the materials and production methods have on us or the environment. So we had to make sure we were sourcing our materials from suppliers that would be environmentally friendly and supports the “Green” movement!

All of the original Spirit Shirts were made using Bamboo, one of Earth's most amazing super crops; using less energy and water to grow than similar plants while producing 30% more oxygen. In some cases, it has been seen to grow over 1 meter in a single day and survives a lot better against floods or drought.

Bamboo can be continually re-harvested with no damage to the surrounding environment. It is better for your skin, protects you from UV rays, and allowing your skin to breathe in any season, not to mention that there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers when growing bamboo!

However some of the processing required to break bamboo down into a soft fabric can have a heavy toll on the environment, so we have included other natural organic materials in our shirts, primarily organic free trade cotton, to make sure these shirts are the highest alignment with the spirit of our planet!

By wearing something with so many positive and beneficial effects on the environment, you become a part of the change that is making the world a better place for everyone!


Spirit Shirts are not mass-produced, but rather each one is hand made by us just for you; we mindfully transform the crystals into a powder, mixing them purposefully into our environmentally friendly ink, and print screen each shirt by hand. This process includes carefully selecting and preparing the stones, then while practicing a Love Meditation, the stones are tenderly crushed into a fine powder and sifted down to the proper size. This fine crystal dust is then added to all of our inks and screened into every shirt!

The crystals infused into the ink works like an amplifier for the wavelength of that specific vibration. They store and emit energy just like rechargeable batteries.

Spirit Shirts contain crystals specific to each Chakra and can include stones like Citrine, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone, Jasper and more! The specific crystals contained within each shirt are listed on their unique product descriptions.

To learn more about crystals, check out our crystal movie by clicking here!


Chakras are vital energy centers in your body that regulate the complex wavelengths that surround, interact and move through your body at all times. Each Chakra works on its own specific wavelength, and resonates on the same frequency of color; by wearing that color you help your body tune into the wavelength, charging the Chakra.

We are visual beings; it is amazing how our minds take what we see and use that to shape our experiences in life. When we see the sacred symbols on the shirt, it prepares our mind and body to begin activating the energetic receptors of that chakra, continuing and evolving your own spiritual journey “into the light”, and connecting you with all of the others in the world who share with us in this voyage through time and space… When you wear it, you are connected to us and to everyone else wearing a Spirit Shirt! To learn more about Chakras, you can watch our Spirit Science episodes about Chakras by watching these videos!

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Spirit Shirts are produced in small batches, so if we are out of any particular size, each shirt will be available for back-order. We hope will normally be a few in stock, so check them out in the Spirit Store!


The story of the Spirit Shirts is a long and interesting tale and one that is already years in the making!

It started in the spring of 2012 when Jordan was contacted by an amazing guy in Australia named Chris Masterton! Chris expressed that he had been so inspired by Spirit Science that he wanted to turn the Chakras into T-Shirts, and not only that but infuse crystals into them so that the shirts would assist anyone who wore them in their spiritual growth! When Chris first proposed the idea, he had already designed 7 Chakra shirts as a proof of concept, which showed his dedication to this idea!

Here are the original concept designs made by Chris!

Chris expressed his excitement to make them, and wanted to collaborate on this project with Jordan! It was such a beautiful synthesis, and we had never undertaken a “physical goods” project before, so we agreed that these shirts needed to be made!

Jordan and Chris connected with several other friends and produced the Root Chakra shirt! We only produced 30 shirts at first, but they all sold out within the first hour of going on sale! It was an incredible, and exciting time for all of us!

Over the next several months we produced close to 300 more shirts, and it seemed that everyone wanted one! We even made a video about it! However, over time with our focus split between manufacturing t-shirts and producing videos along with some technical glitches, we ended up having to delay some orders for several months. These small mistakes led to big repercussions, causing some confusion and frustration for the people who had ordered shirts but had to wait longer than they anticipated to receive them. Although we did get everyone their shirts, in the end, we collectively agreed to hold off on producing more until we ironed out our internal system, to guarantee that it never happens again.

With our focus still on making videos and taking the time to ensure our internal processes got corrected, the spirit shirts project went on the sidelines, but all the while we would say “Soon, we’re going to come back to this! It’s going to happen, we just know it!”

By the summer of 2016, Jordan moved back home to Canada from living abroad and continued working on Spirit Science from there. Feeling a new sense of creative beginnings, he got in contact with Chris and started the Spirit Shirts ball rolling again! By this time Chris had a printing press set up in his house, and so it didn’t take long before we had made a plan and decided to start on the Sacral shirt, with the intention of continuing to move up the Chakra spectrum all the way to the Crown, and beyond.

At the beginning of 2017, with the help of my new friend and co-creator Aaron Fehr, the Sacral shirt was launched! It was still a smaller batch of shirts, but they were still in as much demand as before! Our internal system is a lot cleaner too, with everything managed and organized to function smoothly together, which is a huge relief!

Since then we have been able to work our way up the spectrum and have just launched the Solar Chakra Spirit Shirt! Radiant as ever this design will help bring out your, spiritual fire and willpower! We are still finding ways to improve our processes so we can create more shirts, and move up the chakra spectrum faster!

A big shout out to everyone who has ever been connected to Spirit Shirts in the past and to those who are connected now! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for coming with us on this journey! We are so excited to see where Spirit Shirts goes from here and have some really exciting clothing ideas that are in the pipeline, but first – let’s get our chakra healing on!!

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“My dream is to create a brand of clothing that promotes love, happiness, spiritual growth & unity.

These shirts are a tool for transcendence, each one designed to charge and strengthen you while raising awareness and the energy of everyone around you.

So when you meet someone else that is wearing a Spirit Shirt, go up to them and give them a big hug! For they are your spirit brother or sister.”

The Spirit Shirts started out with a vision, of people doing what they love, and loving what they do!

The Spirit Shirts started out with a vision, of people doing what they love, and loving what they do! All too often, companies and organizations will create their clothing in massive batches exploiting sweatshop factories where manual labor is cheap and then have this clothing sold at many times the cost of which they are printed at. This is an imbalanced equation and a result of the old paradigm – where small groups of people thrive off the hard work of everyone else.

Our Dream is to change that reality, and practice living the demonstration of a new economy, and redefining how goods can be made and sold. We acknowledged that we are not the first to do this, but stand tall with everyone out there who produces fair trade goods and services out of the love in their hearts.

This new paradigm that we are striving to create through this project is a system where people can create what they love and love what they do! Not with the intention of building a massive quantity of “things” to get sold for profit, but with the intention of spreading positive and helpful information and uplifting spiritual awareness by all means, and through all mediums!

This is a new reality, and we are honored to make it happen with you.

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