Aquarius Mercury Retrograde: Letting Go

Written by Joe G. Santos

There's no running away from it. Every year the planet everyone likes to blame for things going wrong, technology malfunctions, and late flights goes retrograde. This is, of course, Mercury we are talking about. The first Mercury retrograde of the year is happening on January 31st, starting at 26 degrees of Aquarius. This retrograde will last until February 20th, when Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees of the same sign.

There is a lot to unpack with this coming retrograde. February itself is quite the astrologically eventful month. For that reason, we will skip straight to the planetary forecast. If you are not so familiar with the concept of retrogrades or would like to take a more in-depth study of this planetary condition, you can refer to the blog post on the previous retrograde, called How to Navigate the Last Mercury Retrograde of the Year. It would also be interesting to revisit the last retrograde as both are connected through the same modality, which is fixed modality

Fixed energy is just what it sounds like, stubborn and often resistant to change, and perhaps these two last retrogrades have a message they are trying to convey about the many changes happening for the next little while.

"Aquarius is a glass ceiling. Subtle, tantalizingly close, but often impenetrable because the mind does not believe a breakthrough is possible." - A Tiny Universe by Joy Usher.

As we discussed in the last Mercury retrograde entry, this is a time for reevaluation. While it may not necessarily be the best time to start new projects or setting off on a journey or adventure, this retrograde is a perfect time to look back into the learning experiences with which 2020 presented us. Since this is happening in Aquarius, the fixed Air sign, this retrograde focuses on challenging our fixed ideologies. The question Mercury is asking the collective is, "What is your truth? Are you sure about it?"

When a million contrasting conspiracy theories are running wild through the internet, the media tells an entirely different story, and even the people closest to you all seem to disagree, it is inevitable for one to ponder on these questions. This may indeed be disconcerting for some, but this process is necessary to evolve our ideas of truth. This retrograde urges us to take everything with a grain of salt. It is the astrological "pics, or it didn't happen." 

That being said, while there's the breaking down and remolding of ideas, looking at the planet that rules Aquarius points at the ultimate celestial goal of this planetary ordeal. Saturn, the planet that never ceases to push towards attaining perfection—even if through painful means—binds Mercury (our mind and knowledge system) to generate the tension needed for us to challenge our own beliefs. Sometimes, we require that little Saturnian dose of anxiety and self-questioning to break us free from delusions that no external force can challenge. If we are so sure of who we are and what the world is while only observing it through our ego's limited lens, what other grand hyper-reality could we be missing out on? Aquarius is a sign of authenticity, but how can we be authentic if we never question what authenticity even means to us?

In order to look into this retrograde analysis a step further, consider the tarot cards related to this station. The Star card is the one associated with Aquarius, and it symbolizes hope and aspirations. A Mercury retrograde happening in a sign associated with this card can indicate a need to look at our current expectations towards the future. 

With the many disasters in the past year, it is only natural for some of us to lose hope. Still, hope is a very delicate feeling, and to ensure it does not dissipate, we must carefully tend to it. If you have lost hope, this retrograde is here to help you find it again. Revisiting a time when you did have a brighter future outlook will teach you what caused that outlook to change. Blaming the pandemic and the many other uncertainties of the world may be a quick and easy answer, but hope is something that comes from within. It relies on faith and an inner knowing of the ups and downs of life.

The retrograde will also make Mercury backtrack through two decans that correspond to different minor arcana cards; The 7 and 6 of swords. These are fittingly the card of Crisis (7) and Letting Go of the Past (6). When we combine these two cards with The Star, the message becomes obvious. Without sugar coating it, times ahead may be tough and may even worsen before they get better. Still, the way to survive and even thrive through this crisis is to let go of our old habits and attachments to what worked before—or seemed to. Aquarius is a sign of innovation, and being an aspect of Air requires strategy instead of emotion to manifest optimal results. This, of course, does not mean that we must neglect our feelings, yet, we have to look at how we feel in these unpredictable times with a certain degree of objectivity. These trials have triggered many emotions to come to the surface. While it is easy to blame the world's condition, these could very well have been tucked away deep in your subconscious for a long time, and the external chaos just facilitated their emergence. Meditating on its source will bring great insights and will be necessary to move into this next phase of life with confidence.

About the author: Joe G. Santos

Jogee is a vibrant and dedicated student who is always eager to share his discoveries with the world. He’s cultivated a strong sense of respect and open-mindedness to all points of view throughout his life. His work as a research and consulting astrologer demonstrates these characteristics as he seeks to uncover all forms of truth. 

With his Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo, he is just as aware of his own light as others’ capacity to be brilliant. His life mission is to help all those who cross his path find their sense of sovereignty and worth. According to his perspective, no one is ever wicked but misunderstood. With that understanding, he seeks to be the ears for the voices of the unheard.

He’s Brazilian-Canadian, oldest of six children, a devotee of Mercury, and always down to talk about anything.

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