Change Is Easier With A Positive Relationship With Yourself

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. If you don’t allow yourself to change, you will be stuck where you are, not growing or improving. 

But then, not all the changes that we go through are the kind that we really want. Sometimes, you need to go through a change that you are just not prepared for. What do you do then?

What Is The Truth About Change?

Change is hard. Whoever said that change is easy has never gone through a real change. It is never easy. Whenever it feels like it is easy, then it’s not a genuine change

For example, when you need to move to a new house, something smaller than where you used to live. Downsizing could mean a lot of things, but it mainly means you need to let go of the many things that you own, but cannot fit in your new home. 

Moving in itself can be stressful, but downsizing puts the icing on the cake. It only makes moving even more taxing. 

Change is not easy. No matter what kind of change you are going through, there will always be rough parts that seem to push you to the extremes. Sometimes, it makes you think about life and why you have to go through all of it. 

Change can sometimes be painful too. But then again, change is a part of life. Whether you like it or not, the change will always be a part of who you are. It is your constant reminder that you live a human life. 

The relationships that you have will go through a lot of changes.

Your home address will change, your job will change, and your body will change as you age. It will weaken as you age. You change.

What makes change so difficult then?

Change only becomes difficult when you keep your heart and mind closed to it. When you don’t welcome change in your life, you will never grow. You will remain where you are, and you won’t learn anything new. 

How Do You Prepare For Change?

Life is itself a constant change. The longer you live, the more you will discover that the only thing constant in this world is change. No matter how difficult it may be, in the end, the goal of every change is to mold you into a better person

Prayer changes things. It brings about the kind of change that teaches you how fragile life can be. It teaches you that you can hold to your faith in times of uncertainty because it is the only thing that could save you.

Prayer teaches you that everything that you think is valuable in your life is temporary. You can lose them anytime, and you need to prepare for that.

However, a scripture on change will remind you that while everything in this world changes, there will always be something that will last forever—God. 

“For I, the LORD, do not change . . .” Malachi 3:6.

God has always been there for you. His love never changed. It only grows deeper. It is in your faith that you can draw out the strength to believe in yourself. The changes in your life may put you in a difficult situation. It may hurt you more than you think you can bear. But in life, there is nothing more powerful than prayer. 

Prayer about accepting change should always be part of your daily expression of faith. With prayer, you can build a good relationship with your God and yourself as well. 

How Do You Build A Positive Relationship With Yourself?

In times of change, you can get shaken. Feelings of anxiety can overpower you. It could make you doubt yourself. But through all these, you will realize that your faith is the only one that will save you. 

Build a positive relationship with yourself by doing the following things.

Constantly pray

Submit yourself to prayer and allow it to change you. When you open your heart to the power of prayer, it could lead you to believe that you can do and be anything. In prayer, you will find peace and solitude. It will allow you to take a moment and reflect on your life. This is the time when you can tell yourself that you can do it. Armed with your strong faith in God, you are doing yourself a great favor by praying. 

Find the time to meditate

Meditation is the quiet time you give yourself. It allows you to be one with who you are from within. Meditation can be done in so many different ways for so many various reasons. While it may be used to help you relax and find comfort, it can also be a way of reuniting yourself with who you really are. Meditation can be the key to building a positive relationship with yourself. 

Let go and let God

While this may seem a bit too far from what you are used to, it is always worth the shot. You can do everything you need to build a strong relationship with yourself, but only a relationship with God, or the universe, will make you love yourself even more. When you work on growing your faith in Him, you will realize that there is a lot about who you are, that is also about God. Find the time to read the Bible or another book of scripture that resonates with you; that is where God speaks to you. The stories that you will read will reassure you of His great love. 

When you have a positive relationship with yourself, you know that through His divine wisdom, you are able to see yourself. In the uncertainty of times, there is nothing more comforting than to know that God is on your side. 

Coping with difficult times will become even more challenging without your faith. So this time, allow yourself to find God because it is through Him that you will rise above the challenges.

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