Crystals That Can Help Relieve Stress

Do you find yourself in an overwhelming situation at the moment? Does it feel like the stress is draining every bit of energy you have left? Pressure may be an inevitable part of everyone's life, but you shouldn't have to suffer. 

There are more than a handful of types of stressful situations you may find yourself in. It may come in a flash, or it may choose to linger. The sad truth about stress is that it comes with many adverse effects on the body unless you do something about it. 

What relaxation method do you utilize? Getting a regular massage or eating your heart out may be the most popular, but crystals can also have the same effects. 

Can Crystals Be Used For Healing?

What metaphysical practice can you use to help relieve stress? You can turn to crystals to help you keep the balance during times of uncertainty and chaos.

Tarot, numerology, astrology, yoga, and chakra-balancing practices are all wonderful ways to keep your body energies in check. Crystals can sometimes enhance these practices.

Crystals not only tap into great power, but they are also useful in cleansing and renewing the positive energy found in every person. 

Crystals are considered an ancient gift of the Universe to people. Harnessing their powers to assist in your life journey will only prove to be a success. They offer rewards that are selfless yet expansive. They also help absorb negative energies. 

While crystals are known for their beauty, they can help people find physical, emotional, and mental healing. If you are looking for a way to make your mindset more positive, crystals are the perfect way to do it. 

What Crystals Are Best To Relieve Stress?

When was the last time you engaged in a stress relaxation activity? Perhaps you have tried various methods. While some of them may have worked wonders, some definitely made you feel like you can do more. 

Luckily, one of the best stress reducers available is crystals. You can meditate with them, place them in your home, or carry them with you wherever you go. The possibilities of harnessing the power of the crystals are just endless. 

Now, which crystals will help target the tension in your body? 


This is the perfect healing stone for anything that bothers you physically and emotionally. It is the crystal known to bring clarity to the mind, and it helps clear your heart of the emotions related to stress. The amethyst heals even the physical symptoms to help relieve tension in the muscles due to the challenges brought about by the situation. 

When you put the amethyst on top of those tensed muscles on the shoulders, you will feel instant relief, and the tension will just melt away. Many people turn to the amethyst to help themselves get motivated, strengthen their memory, and achieve a good night's sleep. 


This stone can be compared to the cup of milk you drink to clear the head before going to bed. It's very essence revolves around its ability to dispel all the negative energy in the body. It soothes the mind and the heart. Whenever it feels as if all the negativity is overwhelming, this is the right crystal to use every day. 

An extraordinary piece of lepidolite works wonders for those who seem to lack sleep. It leaves a sleepy and relaxing effect that will make you rest through the night, without worries or qualms. 


This is the crystal whose name should be synonymous with calmness and ease. It is the crystal often used for mala bead bracelets because keeping them close to you can harness the love and care energies brought about by the Universe. 

It is perfect for meditation and mindfulness practices, as these are enhancing stones that promote inner peace and stillness. No matter how chaotic the world may be, these crystals help you find your focus, pouring peaceful properties into you.

Lithium quartz

This particular crystal is uniquely helpful for those dealing with depression and anxiety. While it is not often recommended as a cure for mental health concerns, this crystal's power helps people take part in the treatment to lessen the anxious tendencies that ground them back to a relaxing place. 

When using this stone, you need to focus your energies on something like a still pond. Allow in yourself to grow the balance of having calm energy to wash over the negative thoughts and emotions bottled up inside of you. It allows you to grow a sense of appreciation for life with overwhelming feelings of gratitude.


This is one of the crystals that you should consider keeping in your pocket. It is a mighty stone that helps you find relief from within. When treated and charged properly, a simple touch of the selenite can make you feel its wonderful benefits. 

This crystal is often used in tarot card readings as well as in other divination practices to prevent unwanted negative influences. Selenite proves to be a perfect stone for headaches induced by tension. It dislodges all the negative emotions, leaving you feeling refreshed at all times. 

What's Your Take On This?

Reducing stress can be quite tough if you don't know where to begin. When you decide to use crystals, make sure to practice the proper usage of each one. Fill it with your trust, and the Universe will pay you back tenfolds. 

Find the perfect body stress relief that you've been yearning for. With any of these crystals, you are surely going to find your way to the most meditative and peaceful state you've ever had. 

Now, which crystal should you invest in first?

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