Crystals That Can Strengthen Your Tarot Readings

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Have you ever tried using the crystals when you do your tarot card readings? If this is the first time you've heard of this combination, then you are missing out on some incredible insights. Crystals and tarot work well together like peanut butter and jelly. 

There are certain types of tarot crystals that are brought into the reading. When they are, it means they serve a particular purpose. Crystals bring into the reading space a positive and empowering energy. It allows the cleansing of the tarot and the energy that surrounds it. 

Having certain crystals around you during a tarot reading, whether you are wearing them as jewelry or just having them, can help improve your intuitive abilities. They give off a kind of confidence that will allow you to cleanse the cards and use them to reveal your heart's desires. 

Whitestone crystals or colored ones come with high power. That's why their usage comes with great responsibility too. While most people would be searching for the best crystals for protection, others are just interested to know how they could harness more positive energy from it. 

How Do You Use Crystals With Tarot Reading?

Here are some facts about how crystals are used with tarot reading:

Fact 1: Crystals can be worn

Whether as a piece of jewelry or as an altar decoration, crystals are perfect as accessories. What makes it even more beautiful is that it comes with natural powers and energies.

When you decide to wear them during a tarot card reading, you are in it for the adventure. You will be able to enhance the harnessed energy, which will allow you to get a clearer message of what the cards are trying to reveal. 

Fact 2: Crystals can cleanse your cards

Crystals are a perfect companion in tarot card reading because it helps cleanse the space. If it is kept close within the tarot card reading space, the crystals allow the tarot card reader to get a clearer vision of the message that cards intend to send. 

Used tarot cards can come with the energy of their previous owners, for better or for worse. The best way to use these cards is to make sure that they are cleansed. After you've done that with the crystals, it opens doors to many ways on how they can be used. 

Fact 3: Crystals depend on your intention

The tarot card reading quality depends a lot on the expression of intention at the beginning of the session. Your intent in getting the reading done will lead the cards and the card reader to tap into the energies released by your intuition. 

You should express your intentions for the card reading at the beginning of the session. This allows the reader to understand what the cards reveal and let you know what you need to hear. 

What Crystals Can You Use With Tarot Card Reading?

Among all the crystals in the world, which one would be the perfect fit for your tarot card practice? Here are a few of them in a list:


If you want to get the most reliable stone for cleansing, then the amethyst is the perfect one to have. It is significantly associated with the strengthening of intuition, visioning, psychic abilities, and spiritual development. 

Every experienced tarot card reader will keep this stone within their reading space. If you are getting a tarot card reading done, it is best to have this stone on you. Wear it so that it can help tap into your intuition better. 

For better sleep and holistic healing, this is a beautiful stone to depend on. 


Selenite proves to be one of the favorites when it comes to tarot card cleansing and reading. If you are drawing lunar energy to charge up your tarot cards, then selenite is the crystal that you should consider putting in the mix. 

It is associated with the Moon, and by virtue, it follows the same intuition and cycle. Similar to that of the amethyst, this crystal possesses healing and emotional balance properties

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is best used with other crystals because they enhance the power of everything around them. This property is what makes them perfect for tarot card reading. This white stone crystal can clarify the messages received through the tarot, allowing the reader and the listener to have a firm grasp of what the cards are trying to say. 

Because of this unique ability to bring about clarity in communication, quartz is the perfect companion for tarot journaling. It facilitates cleansing and amplifies the energy of the cards. 


Fluorite may be the most underrated crystal when it comes to divination purposes. This crystal is excellent for concentration and clarity of thought. It is associated with divination, intuition, and building a connection to the higher planes of consciousness. 

It's a crystal that's too beautiful, but very delicate as well. It gets easily scratched, so it is best to store it from the other crystals you might have. Perhaps it is important to note that fluorite is considered a student's stone. It is associated with productivity in learning and clarity, as well. 

Black tourmaline

This is one of the grounding stones that serves well in a tarot reading session. If you are doing a reading for something emotionally-charged, it is best to have this stone as it absorbs the negative energy. 

Apart from using it for tarot readings, it is best to put black tourmaline in the four corners of your room as they absorb negative energies well.

What's Your Takeaway?

Crystals can be of good use for tarot card reading sessions. There is no reason to be afraid of their powers. Instead, trust that it will help reveal what the cards have for you. 

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