Expand Yourself And Your Gifts With Unbendable Courage

Imagine if you had the extraordinary power to make everyone happy with a particular song that you love to sing. 

Would you sing all day long? 

Or would you only sing the song when the majority of those who are listening to you are sad? If you choose to only sing at times when you feel like the world needs it, not only are you robbing the world of the comfort of hearing you sing, you are narrowing the range of people that you can help because you are not willing to share the gift given to you. 

How much of your life do you live for others? Have you ever wondered how to expand yourself in order to help others? 

In the past, you were too worried about how you could achieve your dreams. You wondered how else you could improve your personal life so that you could live comfortably. What you could do for others always took a back seat. 

But now you’re thinking, how do you turn those special gifts of yours into gifts for others? 

If everything depends on what you want or how comfortable it is for you, then you won’t be able to gather up unbendable courage to turn it into your calling. 

You are not the only one in this situation. 

In truth, this is what everyone does. They live most of their lives trying to live small. They are trying to focus on the work that seems to give them the promise of making their lives purposeful. They get tired, anxious, and stressed because they have allowed themselves to get distracted and pulled into a number of different distractions. 

Are you failing in life?

If you look at it from a negative perspective, maybe you are. But if you look at it from a positive standpoint, you will see that your situations are actually opportunities for growth. You just need to develop the courage to make your dreams come true.

How Do You Expand Yourself?

When it seems as if you are not feeling yourself and you end up procrastinating, you need to stop. Ask yourself what your purpose is.

This time, you need to focus on how you feel. You need to feel how fast you are shrinking into this small person because you cannot find yourself in the perfect mood. 

You can do any of these to help you expand yourself into a person with a big heart and even bigger dreams.

Keep an open heart

Instead of keeping everything to yourself, free yourself from the stress and allow it to feel what you want to feel. Whether it is a pain, sadness, or discomfort, don’t just shrink away. 

Find the courage to be present. Recognize how you feel. Face your fears, and don’t just run away. You will see how comforting it is to be right where your feelings are. 

Feel the love

Whatever it is that is causing you pain and suffering, feel all of it. Embrace it. Look at how wonderful it is and how helpful it will be in shaping you into a more beautiful, stronger version of who you are

Seeing it as your teacher will put your practice into a beautiful perspective. 

You are special

The gift that the world gave you is not just for you to bask in. Rather, it is the gift that you can offer back to the world. Hopefully, you can make the world a better place for you and everyone else. Remind yourself of your purpose in life. Keep an open heart. When you do, you are able to embrace your potential fully. 

Live with discomfort

Push yourself into that realm of discomfort even though it makes you feel sad, hurt, or frustrated. Say no to everything else that causes distraction. Free yourself up so you can do what you need to do to cultivate that gift. Then, offer it to others. 

This is the challenge that you need to face. Expand your range by working even if the conditions are not perfect. You don’t need anything or everything to be in order. 

You need to free yourself up so that you can be who you want to be. When you open yourself up a little, you can dive into your purpose and expand your range the way you want to. 

After all, brilliance is a part of the gift of your being. 

Be who you can be for others. Expand your horizons. The circumstances may not be perfect, but you can be. 

The Practice To Help Expand Yourself

The first step you need to take is the one that will teach you how to find your gift. Once a day, give yourself time to practice. Set yourself up for some purpose-filled work. Then, try to incorporate any of the following practices into your daily routine.

Take note of how you feel

Are you tired, restless, sad, frustrated, or angry? Take full control of your feelings by recognizing what it is. Forget about everything else about the world. It is time to focus on your emotions and everything else that your physical body feels. 

Embrace your feelings, good and bad

You don’t have to reject negative feelings or wish for them to go away. Instead, embrace them. Love them. Love the cause of why you feel that way. Whether it’s the work that’s stressing you out or the people who criticize you, love it as if it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Keep the heart open, despite the discomfort

The first step doesn’t need to be big. Start small. The smallest actions will put your actions in conditions where it can grow. Hold on to your heart no matter how painful situations may be. Keep in mind who you are serving. 

Be fierce, even in love

In every small step that you do, allow your heart to try it even harder every time. Don’t let your people down. Do anything you can to serve them.

The repetition of these small practices every day can help see you grow. See yourself grow in every little step that you take. Sing your song and be the best that you can be. 

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