Get To Know The Different Colors Of Candles For Meditation

articles energy meditation Nov 12, 2020

What do candles mean to you? Others have likened candles to angels since they both help in bringing your innermost prayers to the heavens. Candle magic is all about having your heart's desires made into something real, something that's genuinely tangible. 

Did you know that candles come in different colors because the archangel that they come with works for a specific purpose? The particular shade of these rituals candles can assist you in many aspects of your life. 

May it be your relationship, finances, health, or love, there is a specific candle color for each one. 

How Does The Candle Affect Your Practice?

How do you feel whenever you light up a candle for meditation? Does it give you a sense of peace knowing that it comes with spiritual guidance to help you unravel the worries inside of you? 

The meditation candles that most people use help them achieve a kind of peace. Notably, the flame's red and orange color brings about a kind of calmness in what is now considered a sacred space for mindfulness and meditation. 

Candles, whenever they are used for meditation, help bring a person calmness and focus. Its warmth and the light that it gives off help people find the center of their mind during meditation. 

Candles have allowed people to find themselves in the solitude while also looking for the innermost desires of their hearts. They can speak freely of their intentions, making them more honest to themselves than they have ever been. 

What Do Candle Colors Mean?

Spiritual candles come in different colors. Each one reveals a relationship that it has with the archangel. Every color functions differently; that's why it is best to pick your candle's color based on your intentions. 

Here are the meanings associated with each color:

Blue candles

These are the candles of calmness, coolness, and clarity. Blue is also the color of joy, peace, and harmony. Light up a blue candle when you are praying for clarity of mind, mending a broken relationship, soothing escalating tempers, and clearing up misunderstandings among family and friends. 

Calming, truth, joy, harmony, peace, and understanding—these are the blue candle's specific uses. This color of the candle is associated with various divine beings. One of them is focused on improving clairvoyance, grace, and the overall physical well being of a woman. 

On the other hand, Raguel is all about creating peace in all your relationships. Zadkiel helps improve memory retention and overall intellectual understanding. 

Gold candles

This color represents the male side of the divine. The ideal application of this candle color is for those who want to improve their financial assets. Lighting up this candle color gives you the power to attract abundance and grace to your side.

Protecting and financial abundance—these are the two most specific uses of the gold color. Michael is the divine being associated with this color. He is the archangel that provides protection in people. Whether it is for the physical, emotions, mental, or material things, this candle color will work well to attract goodness and positivity. 

Green candles

Green is the color that comes with multiple purposes but with great focus on healing and abundance. It proves to be particularly useful when you are trying to find ways to achieve financial healing.

The green candle will bring with it reminders of properly handling finances. Sometimes, it can be very encouraging to spend your money on things that other people consider important, but you have to keep in mind that what may be important to them may not be as important to you.

Such a realization will bring clarity to your thoughts. Green is the color of abundance, wealth, luck, and productivity. 

The archangel Raphael is associated with green candles. He conducts healing in all aspects of your life. He is the right divine being to ask about your healing modality. He will provide you with an abundance of wealth and the many ways you can achieve it. 

Light pink candles

Angelic divine beings associated with the light pink color are all about love and light. If you are longing to keep your friendship and romantic relationships, this is the candle to light. It is also the same candle you light when praying for the overall wellbeing and guidance of those you care about.

Light pink candles are representative of unconditional love. It is all about love, care, the warmth of affection, friendship, and protection. Ariel is the archangel to call upon when you want something magical to happen to your earthly needs. This includes money, transportation, and your home. She can give you guidance on how to help in protecting and healing the environment. 

Orange candles

These are the candles to light whenever you need to make a shift in your life's directions. Whether it is shifting to a new career or trying out a new relationship, this is the candle to light. It will give you the boost of confidence to just do what you want to do.

New beginnings and career changes are what this candle is all about. Gabriel, the messenger angel, is associated with this color. It can help anyone who needs to improve their capacity to transfer knowledge. He is also the divine angel that acts as the manager and counselor who can motivate you to go ahead and reach out for your dreams. He will move you to reach your highest potential

What Are Candles Good For?

Your meditative practice is made even better by candles. When you light them up, they bring clarity in your life. They allow you to see things from a new perspective, hoping it could teach you a thing or two about life. 

When it comes to choosing which color of the candle to use, remember what your intention is. It will be your reminder that whatever it is that you want in life, you can make it happen if you believe. 

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