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Many students and followers of the Law of Attraction teachings are familiar with the famous book about magnetism and attraction, "The Secret." Yet, there are plenty of other 'secrets' to be learned about working with universal forces. Indeed, a series of teachings developed by Max Freedom Long and inspired by his impression of Hawaiian culture, "Huna," can be translated to mean "a secret."

What is Huna?

Though not Hawaiian in origin, Long's collection of principles and practices termed "Huna" were heavily inspired by the Native Hawaiians he encountered while living in Hawaii between 1917 and 1932. He claimed to have witnessed the native Hawaiian people successfully practicing what he called termed 'magic' and became dedicated to the development of the "Huna" philosophy which outlined a collection of universal principles of life, which have shed light for many readers on the fundamental truths of interacting with reality.

While we take a look at the inspiration and value of his teachings, it's essential also to know that Long had several prominent retractors- both from the indigenous Hawaiian community and scholars of Hawaiian language and culture. These individuals have related that despite some claims of his teachings being sourced from ancient indigenous Hawaiian knowledge, they have no such source. It is reported that several Hawaiian elders complained that Long misinterpreted words he used from the Hawaiian language and that his teachings were primarily his interpretations and not authentic ancient Hawaiian cosmology.

Nonetheless, Long's publications have captured the interest of many and present some fascinating and useful concepts to help individuals manifest their desired reality as well as to understand and embrace the nature of the universe. We will take a look at these teachings now.

These beliefs combine philosophy, nature, and traces of religion, and together they can bring significant value into your life. Together, they can teach you the truth about the world we live in, and how to use it to create the reality you want to see.

The 7 Fundamental Principles of Huna

Huna's seven principles are:

1. IKE (ee-kay) – The world is what you think it is
2. KALA – There are no limits
3. MAKIA (mah-kee-ah) – Energy flows where attention goes
4. MANAWA – (man-ah-wah) Now is the moment of power
5. ALOHA – To love is to be happy with
6. MANA – All power comes from within
7. PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth


1. IKE – The World is What You Think it is

This first principle resonates deeply with the essential Law of Attraction understanding. You are the creator of your world in more ways than one. In this first tenet, we see reflected the truth that our mind and the thoughts we choose to think are strong indicators of the quality of reality we are co-creating.

Most of us have seen this truth play out in everyday scenarios. How many times you focused on a specific emotion towards an event in the future, and it came to pass? If you are fearful of something, it seems to be magnetized to you all the more. Similarly, if you feel the excitement and a strong feeling that good things are coming, you will naturally attract more things that resonate in a similar vibration.

At the same time, your thought shapes your present and your past. You create meaning for all of your experiences. Even a five-minute-long event can change your day or week if you allow it. Do not let one mean person on the street dictate your whole day, but do focus on the gratitude for having love in your life from a five-minute call from a close friend. Your life and your world are either amazing or tiresome, depending on how you choose to look at things. Your thoughts directly define your world, and that is what the first principle or Ike is.

Manifesting with Ike: To use this principle for manifesting, create mantras or affirmation statements that speak to you.

"The universe is loving and abundant."
"The world is a good place to live."
"My life is meaningful and joyful, and it is getting better every day."

2. KALA – There Are No Limits

Kala means that there are no actual limits to what you can create in your life. Absolutely anything is possible with your power of creation and the universe's support. However, there are personal limits that we set for ourselves–most often strongly influenced by the society's limited beliefs. These limits, however, are possible to release and forgive to become limitless.

There are a few rules to follow, of course. Right now, people can only grow to a certain height, and there is always the cycle of the day of the night, and so forth. These "limits" are only there for contrast, for you to be able to experience different essences of life entirely.

However, within these practical limits, there are no creative limits that you need to follow. You can create the life you want. Do you believe you are a victim, that the world is a bad place, or that there is not enough abundance to go around? These limits do not exist, or rather they only exist in your mind, according to the first principle.

Manifesting with Kala: Identify your limiting beliefs and ask yourself, am I willing to let them go? How do I let them go and when? Repeat the question until those beliefs are gone, and any negative feelings connected to those beliefs are no longer in you.

3. MAKIA – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The more you focus your thoughts on something, the bigger it gets. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, the more you think about it, the worse it feels. It is the same way with everything else in your life, both positive and negative.

This is why you need to focus on solutions instead of problems. This is also why visualization meditation works. You can imagine your life into reality. Keep your thoughts free of things that you do not want and full of things you want.

Meditating for up to an hour a day while focusing on a thought, feelings, and images of your dream life can really help your focus. The principle of Makia refers back to again to the mind's ability to direct reality.

Manifesting with Makia: While doing tasks that are generally unappealing like cleaning or answering emails, ask yourself–what do I love about this? What am I grateful for in this moment, in doing this task? Find something good to focus on and cultivate a feeling of gratitude for it while doing your tasks. Practice this daily, and you will soon notice how your reality changes.


4. MANAWA – Now is the Moment of Power

While it's easy to blame the past and the hand we were dealt in life for our current circumstances, the principle of Manawa reveals that everything you need exists in the present. You have the power at this moment to change your outlook, your reality, and your life. You have the power to be happy, to feel complete, fulfilled, authentic, courageous, strong, and abundant. The axis of power is in utilizing the raw materials available to you, which all exist in the now.

What you feel, think, and do right now creates your reality. The past or the future has nothing to do with it. The decisions you are making at these moments have all the power.

Manifesting with Manawa: Focus on mindfulness. Be fully aware of what is going on right now and what you can do. Choose your actions consciously. You can acknowledge the past over which you have no control while still choosing to act out of the power of your free will now. To practice mindfulness, at any moment, stop what you are doing and fully take in your surroundings. Acknowledge the resources, abilities, and gifts you have access to. Bring your awareness to the fact that at this moment you have complete control over one very powerful
aspect of your reality- you.

5. ALOHA – To Love is to Be Happy With

Love is a state of being that keeps the whole world in motion. It can be loved towards self, others, or existence itself. Cultivating this feeling in yourself can bring positive physiological benefits like better sleep, appetite, mood, and a stronger immune system.

Aloha means being together in the now (alo) and joy (ha). This definition can be interpreted as feeling joy in the now when feeling love. Wherever there is love, there cannot be fear, anger, or judgment. Every negative emotion you need to let go in order to manifest in this world can be removed by focusing on love, which, in return, will also bring joy.

The principle of Aloha also speaks to your ability to practice acceptance. Can we claim to love someone but ask them to change fundamentally? In love, there must be acceptance, an unconditional choice to embrace what or who someone is at this moment. The same applies to our ability to accept what is real in our life now, even if we are in the process of manifesting other experiences we so choose.

Manifesting with Aloha: Focus on things you love about yourself and your life, and the universe will bring you more of that. Focus on parts of any negative situations that you still do love, and these situations will be turned around by the power of love. For self-love, it also does wonders to start each morning by saying, "I love you" while looking at yourself in a mirror.

6. MANA – All Power Comes From Within

The principle called Mana explains that all the power comes from you, not an external force. While many belief systems leave the power in the hands of a higher power, this belief system says that you and only you and responsible for your life. As you are a part of the infinite universe, that power of infinite possibilities is also within you. This means that you have created your life. Everything that happened—you manifested. The way you reacted to each situation has created your reality. No external force has power over you unless you allow it.

Manifesting with Mana: Take the authority role in your life. Remind yourself that you are the creator of your world. Create a mantra that speaks to you to remind yourself of this powerful statement. Take responsibility for your past. Journal on events that happened and any feelings that arose from them. Write, "I created ______ based on my old belief system and knowledge." Then take responsibility for your present. Each night write a list starting with "things I created today." Finally, take responsibility for your future. Write in your journal "I am creating my world," followed a list of things you are manifesting or a description of the experiences you desire.

7. PONO – Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth

What matters more than success is the means by which you got there. If you have to sacrifice your morals or parts of yourself to succeed, you will not feel fulfilled in the end. When manifesting, you should always stay aligned to your own highest values.

The obstacles many encounter when manifesting are wanting something instantly and therefore cutting corners and not doing the work. To achieve amazing things, you have to put in an amazing effort and quality. You collect what you put in.

Manifesting with Pono: Your emotions are your guides that tell you if you are on the correct path. If you are going towards success or achieving something, but something feels off, than chances are; it is. Write down your goals and action steps that can take you there. You can write out a few different ways to get where you want to be. Then observe how you feel about them. Do any of them make you excited? Or are you dreading them? Are you nervous, fearful, hopeful, or antsy to get it done? Your emotions will create your own personal map to success.

Hawaiian-Inspired Teachings to Illuminate your Life

Just as Max Freedom Long was inspired so many years ago by the essence of the Hawaiian people and the spirit of the beautiful island, the Huna teachings can serve as an inspiring guide to those who resonate with it today. The universe may seem complicated and vast, yet the core teachings of esoteric systems from around the globe, as well as the teachings of the new age all, point to similar principles for manifesting our desires into reality. By using the Huna principles
you can connect the power of the universe to the power within yourself and manifest the dreams of your heart.

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