How Can I Raise My Vibration? Get Electric.

articles energy updates Sep 14, 2020

Our energetic vibration is essentially a measure of how close we are to embodying the characteristics of electricity. The more electric that we perceive ourselves to be, the higher our vibration, and the better we feel.

The ideas we think, the ways that we feel, and the things that we do are all causes AND manifestations of our vibration. The term vibration—whose frequency can be measured quantitatively—is an artificial construct to give some semblance of "wholeness" to our beingness in our language. This is not our most expanded identity, but it is the idea of the filter upon our experience. The reason that we feel any way that we do not desire to contact at any time—the basis of our interaction with our vibration—is that we do not recognize that we can choose. The most fundamental way to raise your vibration is to change your perspective to one of unity, one of unconditional acceptance/joy/compassion, and one of extreme love for the self. Perhaps the most practical APPLICATION of this perspective shift is that which we put in, on or around our physical body.

What Does pH Have to Do With It?

The first thing we want to do is correlate the pH scale as the measurement of how reactive or how alkaline. Something is relative to it being truly a measurement of how embodied that substance is to its electrical potential. It is a logarithmic scale, dealing in orders of magnitude, measuring electrical activity based on the Hydrogen Ion concentration. Without going on a tangent, hydrogen is the primary component of our Sun, the GIVER of life in our solar system, and it is the most abundant element in the Universe. A higher concentration of H+, the lower the pH. A lower level of H+, the higher the pH. Anything can be measured in terms of its acidity (corrosiveness) or alkalinity (neutralization). The higher the pH, the higher the alkalinity, which means the greater the ability to neutralize corrosion/deterioration, and the more self-regenerative properties are embodied. This corresponds directly with the electrical conductivity of the molecules. For us humans, it means BETTER HEALTH 100% all the way around. 

Food And Drink

When we eat food, our body turns that food into our growth and regeneration. Therefore, if we want to raise our vibration, i.e., be more like electricity, we want to be eating food with a higher pH. Eating with the most elevated pH is, not surprisingly, the most natural: fresh fruits and veggies. The lowest vibrational food is, not surprisingly, the most processed and the higher on the food chain.

The same goes for what we drink, ESPECIALLY what we drink. Soda, coffee, beer, grain alcohol, wine, energy drinks, and milk of any animal are the most consumed drinks in the entire world except for water and tea, and highly acidic or highly corrosive. These liquids can have a much more significant effect on your bodily vibration than the food due to the number of acidic beverages that we consume in Western culture. The number one practical thing that I did—and that some of my friends have done—to raise our vibration has been to switch to drinking primarily natural spring water, decreasing or eliminating most other drinks. Our bodies are made of 70% water, so this is a defining element.

What We Wear Matters

What we put ON our bodies also has a profound effect on our vibration. Again, the general idea is the more processed something is, the lower its vibration. Synthetic compounds produced in laboratories are lower vibration than their natural counterpart, almost unilaterally. So, the idea would be to look at the ingredients of everything that you put on to your body—shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, lotion, etc.—and to eliminate as many toxic synthetics as possible, and replace with as many natural ingredients as possible. If you wouldn't put it IN your body, consider why you are putting it ON your body. Remember that EVERYTHING that is attempting to be synthesized is an attempt to do something better than nature can do it herself, and it will always fail in the long run. 

Essential Oils

The highest vibrational part of most plants is its essential plant oils, the elements of the plant that are responsible for electrical/non-physical communication. Using essential plant oils instead of pretty much any synthetic topical substance will raise your vibration.

Finally, consistent and extended exposure to the elementals—Earth, Fire, Water, and Air—will significantly raise your vibration. Remember that at your core, you are made up of these elements. Building a wave is not artificial; it is something that happens automatically when the items in your body begin to resonate with their NATURAL frequencies. There is nothing more natural than nature in our world. Your physical body is in a human-made environment that affects the atoms of your body. The more that you place your body in a natural environment, the more natural and the higher your vibration is. Several of my clients have limited access to nature and have begun to take calls on walks in the parks, accessing as much life as possible.

Forget about diets and look to incorporate as many highly alkaline foods into your consumption routines. You will notice immediate effects. Today, take the time to look for a video on quantum consumption, and it's relation to electricity in the body. Always keep learning!

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