How To Accomplish Small Tasks Every Day

Are you a to-do list person? Do you spend your days writing a list of the things you need to do? If you spend thirty minutes of your time before going to bed making that list, you can start the next day with an eager mind, fully confident that you know exactly what you need to do.

However, if this is the first time making a list, do not fret. All you need is to get yourself a small notebook. A to-do list notebook is what will serve as your guide throughout the day.

Pick a notebook that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. This is to ensure that you can take it with you everywhere you go. The goal is to make sure all the items on the list are ticked at the end of the day. But if there are still a few items left, forgive yourself. Not everyone gets to tick off everything on their list. 

Don’t ever think you have failed because you weren’t able to complete everything. After all, the to-do list serves as your guide. If you can tick everything, then that’s good. If you didn’t, that’s also okay. 

Tomorrow, after all, is another day. 

How To Keep The List Simple

Your task calendar only comes with a list of the things you need to do. They do not come with a number or a rank based on their importance. Instead, you are focused on getting them accomplished. 

How is this working for you so far?

A task manager program on your computer can help you keep track of the tasks that you are working on. These software programs can also help you find out how much time you spent on each task. They keep track of the time you started until the time you tick it off your list. 

They can also keep a record of the amount of time spent on each task. 

The best part is that these programs also show much idle time you have in between each project. 

Whether it is a small or a big task, you need to make sure that everything is written on the to-do list so that you won’t forget it. 

It only takes a few minutes to make that to-do list every day. 

Always keep it with you as a reminder of what needs to be done. Here are some tips to help keep your list simple:

Every time you get an item done, tick it off the list

When you cross it off, it will become much easier to keep track of what else still needs to be done. The same goes for the tasks that come up within the day.

Make sure to write the task that comes up in the middle of the day, no matter how small or large. Write it on the list. 

Write tasks according to priority

The most important tasks should be on top of the list, and the not-so-important ones should come last. That way, you get the things you need to get done right off the bat, and they won’t hang over your head.

Set a time for when the task needs to be done

A specific time limit helps you avoid distractions. When you have set the goal for when each task needs to be done, it becomes easier to track how much time you have left. 

Tips On How To Get More Things Done

Are you currently using a project management task list? If you are, then you’re already on the right track. However, a to-do list in your notebook should serve you just as well. 

Here are some pretty simple tips to follow when executing your to-do list:

Tip 1: Get rid of the obvious

The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of the obvious. These are the things that are already part of your routine, like cooking lunch or taking a shower. The things that you do to meet your necessities should not be on your to-do list.

Adding them to your task list only makes it more cluttered. Your body will be your alert when you need to do what you need to do for your health. There’s no reason for you to keep these on your daily list. 

Tip 2: Separate your task list according to three items--quick tasks, work, and the real world

These three sub-groups can help you prioritize what’s more important. The titles of the subgroups also give you an idea of what platform you need to do the task on.

The quick tasks are those that you can do through your laptop or your smartphone. The worklist is the thing that you need to do for your work. The last one is made up of the tasks that you need to do in the real world. They include errands that you need to run like groceries or phone calls to friends or family. 

Tip 3: Work on digital tasks first

When you wake up in the morning, you may go through your emails and browse each one. It is a simple step to help you navigate through the tasks that need to be done throughout the day. When you look at your to-do list, you will see that most of your tasks involve those you can do through your smartphone or laptop. 

Working on these tasks first will give you more time to concentrate on the others. Psychologically, this will make you feel like you’ve completed a lot, and the day hasn’t even started yet. It also allows you to focus on the most significant tasks related to work and errands for the family. 

Keep in mind that the to-do list should inspire you to have a sense of flow when it comes to doing tasks. It is tailored specifically to your needs. By eliminating the obvious, organizing your tasks, and keeping up with the to-do list, you should be able to complete the items before the day is done. 

Not only have you become efficient, but you have developed a system with which you can truly succeed. 

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