How To Be A Non-Procrastinator

Have you found yourself procrastinating lately? It might be comforting to know that procrastination isn't something that only humans do. After all, Newton's Law of Motion states that anything at rest will remain at rest unless compelled to move. 

If the entire universe is procrastinating, how do you determine the causes of procrastination within yourself? 

All too often, people procrastinate even if they don't need to. 

You tell yourself you need to be working. Your thoughts wander about what to eat for dinner or when you can get out of the house to pay the bills. You stop to check your social media accounts and perhaps even chat with a few friends. 

Procrastination is not just about pushing back work. It could go beyond, affecting the other parts of your life. 

In the end, you regret all the time you wasted putting off something that you could have already completed. Sometimes, the time runs out. The opportunity that slipped by makes it all the more difficult. 

Why would you do this to yourself? 

Why You Procrastinate And How To Deal With It

When you put off doing something today because you're doing something more substantial, that's not procrastination. But when you choose to give in to distraction instead of doing what needs to be done, then that could be chronic procrastination

Getting paralyzed and feeling overwhelmed by the expectations are just a few of the effects of procrastination.

Why do people procrastinate? How do we address it?

Problem: When people think the task isn't urgent

People only pay attention to what is in front of them. It is harder to prioritize things when people don't see the urgency behind it. From saving for retirement or backing up their computer files, people tend to work around it because they don't feel the seriousness that comes with it. 

Solution: Always consider the bigger picture

It can be challenging to look towards the future when present trials feel more pressing right now. But don't wait until it's too late before you take action. It's time to take on the new battle for procrastination. 

Problem: People know how to start, but do not know how to end

People often find themselves procrastinating because they started working on a project, but they don't know how to end it. They get overwhelmed, disorganized, and end up confused. 

Solution: Acknowledge the fact that the task can be confusing

Let yourself figure things out. When it seems all too difficult to do, stop, and think about the possibilities that come with the task. Talk to someone about it. Ask for advice if you can. Remember that it's okay to get stuck. The whole point, after all, is that you got yourself to start. Now, move along and make things happen. 

Problem: You are too afraid to fail 

You've always strived for perfection. Setting high standards for yourself should push you always to try harder. When things get rough, you can stop, but you should never quit. 

Solution: Forgive yourself and try again

Whenever it feels as if you won't be able to meet your standards, forgive yourself. You can stop or maybe even slow down, but quitting should never be an option. Overcome the challenge by dealing with it, not by making an excuse to escape it. 

How To Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination will be challenging in the beginning. But you must set your mind to achieving the state of anti-procrastination.

Here are some steps to help you deal with what's on hand and kick the procrastination habit for good.

Step 1: Recognize when you are procrastinating

When you start to put off tasks indefinitely or decide to switch your focus because you want to avoid doing something, then admit that you are procrastinating. When you begin to fill your day with less important tasks, leave an item off your to-do list because you think it's hard, or read through emails several times because you can't make a decision, you are procrastinating. 

Step 2: Work out the reason why you are procrastinating

In order to deal with the problem at hand, you need to know why you are procrastinating. Why are you avoiding the task? Is it difficult? Does it bring about unpleasant feelings? If you try to get into the root of the problem, it becomes easier to deal with. Try to focus on the exciting parts of the job. Look into the aspects of the task that you find enjoyable. 

The fear of failing is what will make it difficult to do a task. You have to realign your thoughts. Change your mindset. Even failure will teach you a valuable lesson. 

Step 3: Adopt an anti-procrastination strategy in your system

Procrastination is just another bad habit. In order to get over it, you need to replace it with a pattern that encourages productivity. But how do you do that? 

Forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past

It doesn't mean you have to do it again. Be more positive about taking on a new task. 

Commit yourself to the task

Instead of avoiding, focus yourself on doing. Make a list of the things that need to be done and specify the time you need to complete them. 

Reward yourself for the work you completed

If you finished it on time, you deserve a treat. Whether it is a slice of cake or coffee from your favorite coffee shop, go ahead and give yourself that.

Procrastination is the habit of delaying. When you focus less on the task, you will tend to make it less enjoyable and distract yourself by taking on simpler tasks. The first step to overcoming procrastination is recognizing that you are actually doing it. 

When you understand why you are doing what you are doing, it would be easier to look for alternative ways to deal with the situation. 

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