How To Bond With Your Tarot Deck

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How did you feel when you peeled the plastic off your first deck of tarot cards? There was something magical about that moment that you just couldn't explain. It was like seeing a new world from a perspective created between imagination and intuition. 

Every tarot card deck comes with its own energy. It's based on what the writer and artist were trying to resonate when creating the cards. There's a special tarot deck card for every person. 

You might feel like you are drawn to the deck because it makes you feel the type of intense energy that will help unlock the many things that your soul wishes to explore. It is like the tarot deck chose you. 

If you are in a good relationship with tarot cards, then you're in for an exciting journey. 

What Bonding With Your Tarot Cards Means

What does it mean to bond with your tarot cards? It's more than just loving the artwork of the cards (but it's an excellent first step). 

With each new deck comes the challenge to familiarize yourself with what each one represents. You have to know the artist's style who made them so that you will see when the card is trying to speak to you and ultimately understand what it is trying to say. 

Bonding with your tarot cards is more than just learning how to shuffle tarot cards properly. It takes months, years, or maybe even a lifetime before you are indeed able to bond with your deck. With the right intentions, you will be able to bond with your deck as if you just got a new best friend. And like having every friend around, you might want to bond with your deck of cards as often as you can. 

Why Bond With Your Deck Of Tarot Cards?

The energy of a deck of tarot cards only gets stronger the more that you bond with it. Each time you see a deck of cards, you will feel the intent to open up and tap into your spiritual wisdom. You can use any object to help bridge the gap between this world and that of the spiritual realm. 

The bond created between the tarot card and the user is one reason why these cards are always kept in a special cloth. Their owners have experienced a profound transformation with the cards that they consider an essential part of their lives. 

More than telling you of what the future holds, tarot cards can help you feel empowered. It can help you unlock your intuition so that you can continue to access the inner teacher in you. Doing regular tarot card readings can help you overcome the thought patterns that make you doubt how you can create beauty with the universe

When you get your own tarot card set, remember the excitement you felt unboxing for the first time. It will be a journey that will change your life in significant ways. 

How To Bond With Your Deck

You know you can do this. 

Bonding with your card surpasses knowledge on how to cleanse tarot cards. It helps you see the synchronicities and heighten your intuition right away. But where do you begin? Here are some helpful tips for building that strong bond between you and your deck. 

Tip 1: Do a spread of your cards daily

No matter how busy your schedule may be, always try to make a spread of your cards and practice doing some reading every day. You can start your day by pulling one card from the deck and try to interpret the message it is trying to say. 

You can do readings throughout the day to check if the cards already resonate with the kind of thinking that you have. Before you make every pull out of the deck, make sure that your intentions are clear. Doing so will help give you more clarity

Tip 2: Always take your deck of cards with you

No matter what you do, make sure to bring your deck of cards with you. Whether you are holding it in your hands or it is with you in your bag, take your cards for a walk. You might be wondering how a walk with your cards can help you become good at reading it. 

In truth, the closer your card is to you, and the more often you bring it along, the stronger your bond will be. This strong bond is the secret to more accurate readings. Build up your relationship on that deeper level of reading and help yourself create profound interpretations of your tarot spreads. 

Tip 3: Don't forget to cleanse and charge your cards

Every faithful tarot card reader follows a certain kind of ritual that helps cleanse their tarot cards. You will find it irritating when others touch your cards because you simply do not want them to. 

One simple way of cleansing your cards is to fix it in a deck and knock on it three times to clear all its energies. This will help clear your head too. Cleansing the cards will help you become more present to keep an open mind about the truth that might arise in your next reading. 

Tip 4: Practice the shuffling of your cards

One of the best ways to build that connection between you and your card is to practice shuffling them. Not only will this help you get used to the size of the cards, but it will help you become more comfortable with the cards in your hands.

This feeling will allow you to be more at ease in doing card reading for yourself or for other people. You can lay the cards down and try to get to know them one by one. Or you can put them back together after you have familiarized yourself with the cards on the deck. 

What Do You Gain?

How do you build that strong bond with your chosen deck? Practice with your cards daily. It is good to always hold your cards not only for familiarization. More importantly, it could be to help build that intuition. 

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