How To Feel More Confident In Reading Tarot

articles energy updates Nov 06, 2020

How confident are you in doing tarot card reading? If you’re like me, you have obviously read books about these cards to learn more about what they mean. You have also done your research and tried to uncover more interesting facts about each card and tarot card reading tradition.

But does all this knowledge make you a tarot trusted card reader? You are not alone with this feeling of doubting yourself. Everyone who is just starting out their journey of tarot reading knows how you feel. 

Why Do You Lack Confidence?

One crucial aspect of tarot card reading is the confidence that you can get it right. However, if you lack confidence, in the beginning, that does not mean you will always be like that. Perhaps you haven’t been practicing every day, and that’s why you still feel like there’s a gap between you and your tarot cards. 

Maybe you don’t have years of experience with the card, yet that’s why you think that you don’t know enough. But then again, every expert tarot card reader was a beginner reader at some point in the past. 

The only difference between you and them is a constant practice. Like any other skill, tarot reading requires constant practice. You need to always be close to your cards so that it can allow your personal energy to flow in them. 

If you look at the Little White Book for every tarot reader, it will tell you that you are actually on the right track as a beginner tarot reader. You will become good at reading cards only when you practice consistently. Your knowledge of what each card means is where all things begin. 

The more you use your cards, the more you learn from them. The more practice, the more confidence. Soon, you will be able to read the cards without the book to guide you. Everything will be in your head. 

How Do You Become Good At Reading Tarot Cards?

There is no secret how expert tarot card readers reached their level. Through constant practice and meditation, they were able to unlock their intuitive nature successfully and allowed positive energy to flow. 

As a beginner, all you need is to look forward to every tarot card reading experience, whether you do it for yourself or for other people. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Use the cards

A tarot deck will just be another tarot deck unless you use it. And when you think about using it, it does not necessarily mean doing readings for other people. Constant practice and use of the cards for yourself is the secret weapon to becoming good at it. 

Begin by asking the cards minor questions about life. It can be as simple as “Will I pass the exam tomorrow?” or it could be “Will my parents visit me next month?”. The simple yes or no questions will allow you to see how the cards will be able to reveal the nature or context of the situation. 

The interpretation of the cards will depend on you. The intention you expressed at the beginning of the card reading will serve as the guide for you and the card in the process of trying to understand what it means.

What do the cards say? Remember that you need to assign which cards will mean “Yes” and which ones will indicate a “No.” If it’s a Major Arcana card, then that likely reveals a “Yes.” But if it’s a Minor Arcana card, then that should be a “No.”

Use this as a starting point. Then, carefully read into the card and the meaning it’s trying to convey with the situation at hand. 

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Did you know that asking questions is how you can make the tarot cards work? Unless you ask the right questions, you will never be able to use it to your advantage. The cards can reveal so much about your past, present, and future. All you need is to help it make things happen.

Ask questions. If you are not clear with what you are asking, the card would have a hard time answering your question. The cards can be very powerful that it could reach to your psyche and access things from there. 

You might not be thinking about these things at the moment, but the cards can reveal them. This may come off as if the cards do not make sense at all. But they do. Ask questions and allow the cards to give you answers.

Remember to be open to the answers. Sometimes, they may not be what you expect, but you have to learn to accept that it is what it is. The cards have answered your question. It is time for you to try to understand it and make sense of it in your life. 

Tip 3: Choose the right tarot deck for you

Every tarot card is different in terms of design and images used. But in truth, every tarot card deck is the same. The physical appearance may make a difference, but they all serve the same purpose.

However, when choosing the tarot deck cards to use, make sure to go for the one you have spent a lot of time with. The tarot cards you use for daily practice are the perfect deck for a card reading session.

It is not about whether the cards are new or that the design is better. Always go for the cards you have spent a lot of time with because you have already created a bond with it. The bond is what will trigger the intuitive nature of the cards to allow it to reveal things, even things you don’t expect. 

The Takeaway

Building a relationship with your tarot deck is one of the first things you need to work on. This relationship is what will build your confidence in reading cards. Unless you have a good and stable relationship with your tarot deck, no good reading will ever be possible. 

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