How To Go Into The Heart?

We are all already within our hearts. The experience of "going into the heart" is akin to the experience of becoming aware of that fact and feeling it in a way that is new to your experience.

What Does This Mean?

Our minds conceptualize our spiritual and emotional journeying in many ways that are extremely helpful for us to get our excitement around it. However, there are specific ideas that words struggle to describe, and because of their inaccuracy, the lyrics paint pictures in our minds that can serve as unnecessary obstacles and detours. A solution for the idea of "going more into your heart" is to accept various conceptualizations—not just one—and to embrace intuitive logic.

There Is No "One" Path

And you are not "going" anywhere. One of the great mysteries to resolve is the mobility of self when encountering spiritual ideas, such as being more heart-centered. The logical mind wants so desperately to be able to see the path, a point A to point B. As it relates to being a more heart-filled person, the logical mind's ability to comprehend transformation is limited. So it conceptualized the inner journey into the castle, into the center of the circle, into the heart. There are likely thousands of helpful conceptualizations for the same idea of being more in touch with our authentic selves. The adept soul utilizes all processes of the mind as tools. It is unidentified with this throughout the experience of a time when a particular visualization makes sense and works for centering! In a few weeks or months or years, it may not have the same effect, and therefore there is a more in-depth exploration to do. Taking multiple paths into the heart-self only strengthens the relationship.

The Tools You Need

Understand as well that all conceptualization or visualizations are just that, tools. They are permission slips for you not to go anywhere, but for you to have a realization. We are ALL already full in our hearts. There is no other way in which this works. We simply give ourselves the experience of being confused, establishing, and perpetually co-creating this reactive matrix within which we have the experience. As we go deeper and deeper into the heart, the experience is very much like returning home. When we return home, we realize that there was a BIG part of us that never actually left that home, and so the feeling is one of a reconnecting with self, or rather, a reminder of you we are on a deeper level.

Logic Isn't Bad

Allow yourself to accept intuitive logic. Linear logic, the processes that we usually associate with the "logical, analytical mind," is critically necessary to train yourself for a more powerful tool, which is intuitive logic. It is essential to look at how we think about intuition. Even for those in touch with their guidance, there can be subconscious ideas that still propagate the notion that intuition is less superior to linearity in terms of inner or external decision making. If we can, as a tool, allow ourselves to just GET a concept or idea without the need to see the linear logic, which is to allow something to click in as truth for ourselves despite not seeing the things that are in the middle between now and then. Intuitive logic is a more effective method of arriving at clear decisions. It does not rely on the conceptualization of various intermediary steps to conclude. Instead, it knows that those steps are accomplishable—realizable—if the outcome feels correct and from the heart. Going into the heart is as much about receiving (messages, guidance, wisdom, inspiration, energy, etc.) as it is about generating. Communicating with our analytical mind that our intuitive processes are valid is an important activity.

Accepting intuitive logic as a valid means of self-discovery opens up a world of possibilities for us to MOVE into internal intuitive decision making. There is an excellent flow here. You do not ignore the logical mind, but rather that part of yourself is delighted with this way of being.

Affirmations Can Help

Affirmations are going to be a major theme of this season. Many of these posts will be supported directly with affirmations that will help the clarity of answering the primary questions of the incident. Affirmations—and the practice of writing out and contemplating the statements honestly—are the most powerful way to shift our reality towards that of what we prefer. We directly communicate to our sub/superconscious self that which we desire to experience. For today, try to find some affirmations that resonate with you, try using them for a week, and see how your life improves. 

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