How To Make Better Decisions? - Mastery Q & A

Schedule and do daily meditations

If you have not meditated before, don't worry. It's effortless and supportive, especially if the intention is increased clarity in decision making. Meditation is about listening, not about doing.

Keep your vision, mission, and intention present 

When we experience a lack of clarity in a decision, it is often because we have forgotten the WHY. Why are you doing anything? What are the things that more directly contribute to the fulfillment of the vision? Keeping a simple poster or sign up in your workspace with the idea, mission, or intention of your work will assist you in your decision making.

Ask for support

Don't give your power away in the sense of the person you ask, "knows more than you and therefore knows what's best." Rather, gather another perspective to consider. If you are stuck on a decision that you have to make, then the simple act of getting an opinion from someone unrelated and unattached to the outcome can assist you in getting out of the trees and seeing the forest. I had a client that took this a step further and developed a private advisory group filled with people with entirely different backgrounds. He frequently went to individuals in this group to get another perspective from outside of the business, and in return, he provided them advice from his perspective. As a result, there was always another perspective to consider when there was a decision that was more difficult to gain clarity on.

Take the time that you need

Sometimes the best decision is not to make one right away. Sometimes the choice is obvious—you feel it, you know it, you see the alignment. Other times you don't feel or see it right away. In this case, you may still have the desire to move on with a decision because "time is valuable." In this perspective, you are a victim of time, and even if your choice is the right one, it carries the energy of feeling rushed. In this case, it is almost always better to find yourself FEELING clarity, even if the decision was the same as you initially thought.

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