How To Meditate For Emotional Pain

articles meditation Dec 08, 2020

Grief, sadness, anger, and disappointment—all these negative emotions are a part of basic human life. These are essential emotions that help people develop their emotional wellbeing and strength. Without grief or sadness, people wouldn’t know how to appreciate happiness when they feel it. 

The emotions that make you feel uncomfortable are the emotions that help you grow. Perhaps, the only thing that you need to teach yourself is to not stew with these emotions. You should never let them take control of your life. 

Sometimes, feeling the emotions and recognizing how they affect you is enough. From there, you need to learn to let go and let the good emotions prosper. When you sit with the negative emotions and not let them go, they could eat up all the positivity in you. 

How Will Meditation Help You Deal With Emotional Pain?

Nobody can tell you what would happen to you. It’s like there are never enough good days to prepare you for the bad ones. When something terrible happens to you, all you could do is to deal with it. 

When sadness comes, it feels like nothing good will ever happen again. It seems like you are no longer in control of how you feel, and you end up getting overwhelmed by all the sadness. You could no longer find it in you to smile.

This is where the importance of meditation comes in. Dealing with a negative emotion is never easy, but the act of meditating simplifies it. You have to open yourself up to the possibilities that are out there. You need to teach yourself to move on, and the best way to do it is through forgiveness meditation

This is unlike any other meditation experience you may have tried in the past. This one makes you focus on the pain. It is about understanding what the pain has done to you and how it has changed you for the worse. 

The real power of meditation lies in how you allow it to help you. When you submit yourself to meditating, you have a specific goal in mind. Whether it is to move on from a past hurt or simply find it in you to forgive, meditation makes you realize that there is always something you can do with your life. 

If you want to feel better and let go of the negativity, then you know you can make it happen. The power is in how you are able to focus your mind on the feelings. It’s a process of understanding your feelings and finding healing from within. 

You have to embrace the feeling first before you can truly let go of it. If done right, this kind of meditation becomes a highly effective one. It is simple, yet it can change you for the better. 

Tips On How To Meditate For Emotional Pain

The goal of meditation is to help you get yourself together so you can deal with the emotions the right way. This time, the center of your awareness is your feelings. But how do you make it happen?

Here are some useful tips to help you meditate to get over emotional pain:

Tip 1: Focus your mind on what the heart feels

Instead of focusing your attention on your breathing patterns when you meditate, look closely at what your heart feels. What is it trying to tell you? Why are you feeling sad? When you understand all these emotions, it becomes pretty easy to focus on how you can let go of them. 

No matter how seemingly heavy you feel inside, it is important to keep your mind focused on what you are feeling at the moment. The longer you hold on to the negative feeling, the harder it will be for you to move on.

Give yourself the gift of freedom. Allow your mind to process those emotions. Through this mindfulness practice, you will be able to see how you can truly be in control of your life.

Tip 2: Cry if you need to

There is no shame in crying your heart out. When you don’t feel well inside, express it. Do not be afraid to be judged by others by how you choose to express yourself. Just imagine if you feel so heavy inside, and you don’t release it. What do you think will happen?

Keeping your feelings from people just because you are afraid of what they might say isn’t going to help you at all. So cry if you need to cry and just let all those feelings out. 

This type of meditation allows you to cry because crying can be a form of release. When you are able to release your emotions, you can understand what it means to be free. It does not matter how long it takes for you to cry. 

When you do cry, allow yourself to feel your heart release the negative emotions. What if others say you are just overly emotional? Just let them say what they want to say. Nothing that you do will ever please them, so there’s no need to bother. 

Just focus on how the meditation awakening is making you realize a lot of things. When you focus on improvement, everything else in your life will follow.

Tip 3: Forgive yourself

There are no right or wrong feelings. How you feel towards something in your mind and body’s way of reaction. You cannot tell yourself that what you feel is wrong. You can simply acknowledge it and hope that all will be well in time. 

Learning to forgive yourself for trusting people that hurt you is taking you a step closer to overcoming the negative emotions. Sometimes, feeling guilty about how you feel is not going to help at all. It will only make you feel worse about the situation. 

Letting go of your feelings can be quite a challenge. But if it is the only way you can move on from the pain, then let it be. Help yourself through meditative practice.

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