Practice Productivity by Getting More Stuff Done

How good are you at getting things done? While productivity and efficiency are not the keys to a happy life, they help you overcome anxiety and provide you with money so you can buy the things to live. Although money does not have to be the focus, it teaches you how to think clearly and balance your needs and wants. While finishing a task comes with lots of benefits, sometimes it is easier said than done. 

Here are some benefits you can reap when you finish your tasks efficiently and effectively: 

  •  You accomplish more projects. 
  •  You gain more self-confidence.
  •  You learn how to waste less time. 
  •  You spend less time procrastinating.
  •  You become more trustworthy.
  •  You start earning more. 
  •  You may find an opportunity to start your own business.

The list of positive things that can happen when you get more stuff done goes on and on. When you see the benefits, you want to get even more things done. 

But how can you truly practice productivity? How do you push yourself to be creative and prolific? First, you must recognize the things that are getting in the way. Then, you need to know what skills you need to gain. When you learn more, it is easier to get all things planned out, achieve more, and become more than you ever thought you could be. 

What Is Getting In The Way Of Your Productivity?

The execution of tasks requires positive thinking techniques. If you want to move things forward and go the distance, you need to learn to let go of the things that are holding you back.

What keeps you from achieving your personal productivity goals? Before you take a look at the skills needed to get things done, it is crucial to get these efficiency killers out of the way. 

The list below are the most common obstacles to getting stuff done:

The habit of putting things off

When you've mastered the art of procrastination, you think it's the best escape from your responsibilities. People tend to put off things primarily because they find them challenging.

The overwhelming feeling and the uncertainty that comes with the task is what makes it truly difficult. But ignoring the job doesn't make it go away, does it? 

The habit of switching from one task to another

Maybe starting on the task is not difficult, but the habit of switching from one task to another can be the problem. When you have a lot on your plate, you tend to multitask. When one job becomes challenging, instead of taking it head-on, you decide to slow down and switch to another less arduous task. 

Although this may sound like the ideal thing to do, it isn't healthy at all. Switching from one task to another lessens your focus. 

Sadly, this leads to inefficiency, not to mention reduced output. 

The habit of trying to achieve perfection

Why did you try to put it off the first time? Why did you choose to switch to working on another task? You did what you did because the working conditions were not perfect at that time. 

You allowed yourself to get swallowed by the thought of perfection. You think you cannot do what needs to be done because you can't produce something perfectly right away. But is perfection really what you need? 

After all, the goal isn't perfection. Instead, it is the fact that you need to make yourself accountable for the commitment that you made. Perfection is not an issue. As the lovely Sheryl Sandberg said, "Done is better than perfect." 

The habit of giving in to distraction 

When you often get pulled away by distractions to get the job done, the constant interruption keeps you from doing more work than you could. Some of these distractions are within your control, but others are not. 

Using social media or playing video games when you should be working are all forms of distractions. They keep you from being truly productive. Amid all the things that need to be done, how often do you check your social media pages? 

When you do it all too often or spend too much time playing video games, it is counterproductive. You are not producing more, and it is keeping you from being more. 

With all the things that keep you from being productive, what can you do? How can you make yourself work harder to get more things done?

How To Get More Things Done

When you start wishing there were more hours in a day so you can finish more work, then you definitely need help. Although time is beyond your control, your productivity relies solely on you. Is your "getting things done" planner put to good use? 

If you want to become more productive during your day, here are some hacks you can utilize:

Wake up earlier than usual

Even if you are not used to waking up early, you can still do it. By setting your alarm an hour earlier than usual, you'll be able to get yourself an extra hour of uninterrupted time for more work.

Write a to-do list

 When you make your to-do list, make sure that it includes practical tasks. Keep the list simple. You don't have to write tasks that take hours to complete. If you need to make calls or book appointments, do that. Your long-term goals should be on a different list. 

Take on the most challenging task first

 If there are tasks in your list that you consider the most difficult, then go ahead and work on them first. When you get it out of the way, it would be so much easier to tackle on the simpler tasks. 

Keep your desk clean at all times

When you work on a clean desk, you can focus on the tasks at hand. It only takes a few minutes to clear out your desk at the end of the day. Create a clean workspace to help avoid unwanted distractions.

Becoming more productive allows you to be more than who you are. It is a better version of yourself that you will surely love. 

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