Protect Your Energy, Fight Burnout!

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed or that there's just too much work on your plate? Does it feel like you have too many responsibilities to deal with that you don't know which one to work on first? Feeling emotionally overwhelmed can happen to practically anyone, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything about it. 

Mental and physical exhaustion happens to people who are working on too many things at the same time. These people also juggle their responsibilities at home and in the office. When it seems that everyone wants to have a piece of you daily, the easiest way to respond is to give in. 

But is that decision helping you? If you feel like you are carrying a huge burden inside you, then perhaps it is time to let go. You are physically and mentally tired because you have exhausted yourself too much to give in to other people's demands. 

At this point, you need to set boundaries to avoid stress and to prevent burnout symptoms from showing. 

How Do You Know It's Burnout?

Does it always feel like you are on the verge of expressing emotional exhaustion? Make sure that you look for the signs before they get worse. Sometimes, you only realize that you are dealing with burnout when you've already said and done mean things to others. 

While they may forgive you for it and try to understand your situation, it still doesn't make you feel good inside. Here are some telltale signs you must watch out for:

You are unmotivated

If you feel unmotivated to do work in the office or even enjoy leisure activities that you normally like, you are dealing with stress and perhaps burnout. Your lack of energy or capacity to go about the day with much enthusiasm only shows that you are not feeling good inside. You must be aware that your cup of enthusiasm and motivation is slowly depleting. Something must be done to address it. 

You're not in the mood

The vibrations in your body give you the drive to push yourself to work hard every day. But if you are not in the mood, that's a clear manifestation that you are dealing with more than just stress. If you are becoming pessimistic and irritable, that's a clear signal that you need to reevaluate your emotional stability. The vibrations in your body might be low, and that is bringing all the negativity in. 

You are too hard on yourself

Putting extra pressure on yourself to produce more or be better can come with adverse effects. As soon as you feel like you need more attention, you are secretly sabotaging yourself. It's okay to set goals and have expectations of yourself. But if you are already beating yourself up because you are not meeting your personal expectations, then you are not doing your body any justice. In the process, you are draining all the life and energy out of you too. 

You engage in mindless activities

There are times when you feel like everything is okay, but your daily activities are proving otherwise. If you or the people around you notice that you have been too busy doing nothing, it's important to take a moment to restructure your thoughts. If your days go by with you scrolling your social media feed, eating junk food because you are bored, or watching television for long hours, then you are indeed experiencing a burnout. These mindless habits need to be reevaluated and checked. 

How Do You Fight Burnout?

Burnout prevention is the key to living a good life. The more you try to prevent it from happening, the happier you will be. However, if you are already on the verge of it and you want to do something, go ahead and do it. 

Is there a remedy for burnout? The best way to fight burnout is through meditation. It is the process that allows you to realign yourself. The practice of meditation gives you the ability to clear your mind from all the worries you have of tomorrow.

But meditation is easier said than done. The whole process of it can be quite hard in the beginning, but it is something truly worth pursuing. Meditation requires consistency. It takes a lot of practice before you find comfort in it.

If you continue to do meditation daily, you are doing yourself a huge favor. It comes with a number of benefits for your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical being. With daily practice, you can feel the significant changes in your life. 

In particular, you will be able to experience these and more:

Improved productivity

You will feel like you have more energy in you to do the things that need to be done. You become more eager to finish the work because you are more confident that you can do it right. 

Decreased stress levels

You still deal with stress at home or in the office, but it does not affect you like it did in the past. Because of regular meditation practice, you learned how to deal with stress properly.

Gained mental clarity

Meditation helps you find your focus. It makes you develop a sense of clarity in your thoughts and in your emotions. Whenever you feel or think of something negative, a part of you reminds you of the positive aspects of things. No matter how seemingly negative the situation may be, meditation taught you to always see the light. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Life is not always going to go your way, and stress can be unavoidable sometimes. But at the end of the day, with constant meditation practice, you are able to communicate with yourself properly. You can put your thoughts and emotions into perspective. So instead of feeling all too overwhelmed, you can process everything. 

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