Protecting Your Home From Negative Energy 

How do you feel whenever you spend time at home? Do you feel sick, but you can't tell why? If you feel emotionally and physically unwell without any particular reason, then perhaps it is time to look beyond yourself. 

Have you thought of getting a house cleansing? If you have insomnia or are feeling extra anxious, it could be caused by the negative energies accumulated inside your home. All these energies have been collected from various sources, including human emotions and experiences brought into the household. 

When it comes to your home, you have to also think of ways to protect your energy. Can you do something to improve the energy in your home? In the practice of Chinese feng shui, it is referred to as space clearing. 

Can you do space clearing yourself? Yes, you can!

What Makes Space Clearing Essential?

Your home is an extension of yourself. For better or for worse, you have to protect it from gathering too much negative energy. If not, it could lead to unwanted health problems. It could even sabotage the plans that you have in mind. 

In order to get rid of negativity, you have to get to the root source of it. Space clearing is essential, not just because of the negative energy it makes you feel while in your home. It is also about how it teaches you how to cleanse the aura

A clean space leads to a clear mind. When your mind is clear, you don't have to worry about the negativity that could eat up the best in you. It is easier to find peace and harmony at home, making it an even better space to live together with the people you love. 

How Do You Protect Your Home From Negativity?

The first thing you need to look into is the specific details of your home. When the experts suggest that some things be removed or added to achieve neutrality in the home, you should do it. Once the adverse effects have been neutralized, then you can move into dealing with something else.

To remove the negativity from your home, here are some tips you might find useful:

Tip 1: Remove as much clutter as you can

There is an excellent reason why you feel good after washing the dishes and cleaning the counter. It is the same reason that gives a smile on your face after you've thoroughly brushed and mopped the bathroom.

Energy is kept in objects, especially the old ones. Depending on the type of energy, they may affect you in various ways—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

When you keep holding on to things just because of their sentimental value, you do not give any room for new opportunities to come your way. So if you can, try to make sure that the things that bring you joy become a part of your home. If something does not spark joy, then you simply have to let it go. 

Tip 2: Do not put a mirror in your bedroom

Did you know that feng shui experts believe that mirrors in the bedroom cause serious emotional problems? It is said to increase a person's stress levels, causing them to feel sadder than usual. 

Mirrors double the energy of the space where it is. It means that it is best to remove the mirrors in your bedroom if you are going through a sad time. It will allow your chakras to open up for more positive energy to flow through you. 

If you can't have them removed, then you can at least cover them during the night.

Tip 3: Remove plants that come with sharp edges

Plants are always a good addition to your indoor space, but not all of them are good for the inside of your home. If you want to beautify your space, it is best to focus on green plants that do not come with sharp edges. They bring about negative energy in your house. 

When they are put at your house entrance, it invites the negative energy to come in. If you put it in your bedroom or your workspace, you will likely experience heaviness in your chest every time you enter these spaces.

Also, in feng shui, knives and other objects that come with sharp edges are considered bringers of bad luck. If you can, make sure to store them in drawers or cabinets. Not only does it keep them out of reach of children, but they are kept out of sight too in case negative energies are passing by.

Tip 4: Repair broken things or throw them away

Keeping broken things inside the house is sheer bad luck. If you don't want to throw them away because you are holding on to their sentimental value, make sure to repair them. 

Broken objects carry with them negative energy. So if you decide to keep them in your house, you are allowing its negativity to spread within your living space. 

If an object is broken and is beyond repair, no matter how sentimental you are, you should let go of it. The object no longer serves its value; that's why it is stuck in a negative state. Instead, turn your focus on the other things in your home that work. Maybe you will notice the difference in your mood. 

Protect your home from negative energies and allow your living space to bring in positive energy in you. 

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