Spirit Science 42 ~ Pyramid Power is Real!

Hey There, Today we’re going to look at something a little out there - yeah, even for us… It’s something that, is true, could spark such a massive paradigm shift for all of humanity - it could rewrite the history books and completely change our understanding of energy and the world itself… Today… We’re looking at Pyramids. 

Besides the fact that Pyramids look cool, scientists are discovering today the implications of the Pyramidal shape itself and the curiously energetic effects observed when studying these impressive structures… As always, I humbly ask that you come with an open mind as we dive into this very curious phenomenon. 

Way back in the 1970s, the pyramid power movement exploded for a short period. The idea that the Pyramids of Egypt could be harnessing some unknown or mysterious cosmic power and was quickly laughed off by skeptics as a brief moment of gullible behavior on everyone’s parts. But the idea was trendy in specific circles, especially those who believed that aliens or giants had built them in the first place. Or giants are making them with the help of aliens… Anunnaki Nephilim-Giant Slave Builders?!?! 

A lot of the initial excitement came from the story of a Frenchman called Antoine Bovis, who visited the Great Pyramid in the early twentieth century. According to the story in many of the 1970s pyramid books, Bovis found a garbage can in the King’s Chamber with the bodies of dead cats and other small animals in it. But apparently, they weren't decomposing or smelling bad at all...but, like the ancient Pharaohs, had been dried out and mummified almost entirely.

People were quick to jump on the bandwagon, though, and began to pick holes in the story quickly. Aside from basic science telling us that aridity helps to preserve or slow decomposition, for one, both big-time excavators and the Egyptian Antiquities board pointed out that there had never been a trash can inside the pyramid, as it would have interfered with research. Further, it came to light that Bovis had never actually even left France. It turned out that he had built a mini wooden model of the Great Pyramid in his backyard and managed to mummify a dead cat in there himself, and people had misinterpreted his experiment. 

Once word of Bovis’ real experiment began to spread across Europe, though, it was picked up by a man named Karel Drbal in Prague in 1949, who experimented further and claimed that razor blades placed inside model pyramids would hold their sharpness for much longer, or even sometimes re-sharpen! He was so sure that he applied to the Czech government for a commercial patent to sell these ”Pyramid Machines” in grocery and hardware stores… Seriously, we’ll leave a link to the official patent in the description.

But… Like any sane government department, the patent office in Prague refused to honor Drbal’s request to protect his discovery unless their chief scientist could get the same results… but then things got weird because he succeeded, and Drbal got his patent! 

Now, Drbal was a radio engineer and had no idea how the pyramid shapes worked, and he just knew they did. He theorized that his device would focus on "the earth's magnetic field," although he did not make it clear how this would work or whether the device's shape or materials were related to the effect.

Interestingly, the idea of magnetics playing a role in the sharpness of razors wasn’t new to the pyramid-craze. Since the 1930s, British Newspapers had been receiving letters from tons of people claiming that when they put their razors in their bathroom, on a specific axis or direction, they could be used for much longer and provided a better/closer shave. The reason for this is that the magnetic fields either help point the razor's edge on a molecular level in alignment with the razor or away from it. It seemed as though the Pyramids were somehow affecting the magnetic fields of the blades too. So this was a phenomenon that was already well in the public mindset for decades before the idea of Pyramid Power came out.

Truthfully, no one knows who discovered this whole thing. Still, someone who made leaps and bounds in wireless energy transfer and electricity was, of course, everyone’s favorite, most under-appreciated physicist… Nikola Tesla. Now, Tesla - the dude, not the car, deserves his video entirely, or like several movies, I don't know, but needless to say, he’s often been described as one of the greatest minds of the scientific age, along with having a reputation for mad science and bridging the gap between Metaphysics and regular Physics, which, let’s face it - we need more of that today! 

Of all of his incredible inventions -which for the most part, account for like 80% of our technology today, his Tesla Tower/Wardenclyffe wireless energy transferer is probably his most famous. His generators and tech are very mysterious, and nobody knows quite how they were going to work. Still, the essential idea was that they would allow sharing energy wirelessly from anywhere a tower was set up. One theory about how this would have worked was that it was designed to tap into the Ionosphere of the earth -a current of electrically charged particles in the atmosphere, to provide free electricity to wherever the resonators were. See...Tesla thought the Earth acted as a vast natural generator, spinning on its magnetic poles and generating an electrical charge that he thought could be tapped into to provide free and renewable energy. 

Now there are many rumors around the internet that Tesla was fascinated by the Pyramids, and even based some of his designs on their structure -like his so called “electromagnetic pyramid.” A common phrase you’ll hear in some Tesla conspiracy sites is that when he created his generators, he placed them in certain positions “according to the laws of where the Pyramids of Giza were built, related to the relationship between the elliptical orbit of the planet and the equator.” The problem is...this is only half right..and yet is spread as truth. 

The orbit of Earth around the sun has nothing to do with traditional energy transmission on Earth. Instead, I think this is another misunderstanding...see, his free energy generators were placed according to the location of the great pyramid, sure... but the “law” being referred to is that they had to be located on top of aquifers/water sources just as the great pyramid was, with the theory being that the running water would act a natural conductor on one side of the “circuit.” 

On the one hand, I can see how people might be skeptical about this idea. Especially since even Tesla made mistakes in physics before, some new research published in the journal of applied physics recently showed that the Great Pyramid was capable of concentrating electromagnetic energy and waves in its internal chambers and under the base, where the so-called “hidden chamber” should be.  

This is a HUGE deal, as it seemingly theoretically proves that the pyramid could act as a form of the resonator. The team is even using the results they got to design nanoparticles capable of reproducing similar optical range effects. This could be used to develop sensors and highly efficient solar cells...in more ways than one, I guess we can say Pyramids are the future...

Shortly after Tesla’s suspicious death in 1943, though, his research and devices disappeared -ironically being analyzed and studied by President Trump’s Uncle….yeah, there’s a whole conspiracy about that, he might be a time traveler, but we’ll have to cover at some point later on….and any notion of the Pyramids being related to energy disappeared until the 70s. 

In the 90s and early 2000s, though, a new explosion of interest was when a Russian engineer named Alexander Gold began building his pyramid models in Russia and Ukraine. This is where stuff starts to get interesting…

Initially, he made them all corresponding to the Phi ratio and out of fiberglass and PVC pipes. He said that any metal would interfere with the conduction inside the -a point often overlooked by skeptics. His results were out of the ordinary and very real - so much so that Golod’s pyramids attracted a lot of attention, specifically, from high-level scientific authorities in Moscow. Even today, his pyramids' effects are endorsed and supported by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 

So what are these so-called “effects”? From medicines becoming more useful to crops producing greater yields and even the atmosphere cleaning up around the Russian Pyramids, you can check out the link in the description to look at a full range of studies and effects. But needless to say...wherever the pyramids are, the surrounding environment not only grows better but anything stored inside them undergoes some change that also makes it better. Don’t believe us? Seriously..check out this clip from AP Press showing the effects in action!: *Play Clip* 

Medicines were given an almost 3000% boost. Mice injected with Typhoid survived in more significant numbers when inside the pyramid. Oil became easier to drill..and some people have even said that impotence and women unable to bear children could “miraculously” conceive after some time in the pyramids. The effects don’t seem just to be limited to the pyramid's interior, though, as things seemingly “charged” in the structure also hold their effects even after being taken out.

Interestingly, Dr. Golod also conducted studies of the air above the pyramid with various devices and saw some weird results. For one, a column of “unknown energy” was detected around the pyramid—some five hundred meters wide and two thousand meters tall, but further investigation seemed to show that it was even larger, stretching to three hundred kilometers wide. God's team calculated that if electrical energy were used to create such a massive disturbance in the atmosphere, you would need every single power plant in Russia running at full blast to do it. Furthermore, an ozone hole directly over the pyramid closed up only two months after they built it.

If you wanna look at all of the studies and examples, you can also check out the book “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock, as he has an entire chapter dedicated to exploring all of this!

Now I know this all sounds like hogwash; after all, it goes against most classical physics laws. There’s no way a simple shape or building can have that kind of effect….If there was anything to it..why wouldn’t they have built something like it in the West? *Cough* The Washington Monument *Cough*. Seriously, maybe there’s a reason for it! But actually… Even purely scientifically speaking, Pyramids are interesting shapes. Pyramid-shaped magnets, for example, create a fixed focal point in a field, and the Pyramidal shape tends to exhibit fractal energy much more so than other figures, so even naturally, there’s some weird geometry going on.

Even with all the stuff so far, I'm sure skeptics and materialist scientists could potentially throw it away by saying that the effects are purely psychological -ignoring the healthier Ozone, diminished violence in prison, and viscosity of oil as “conspiracies,” of course… So the question then is, are there any studies that produced measurable effects that could be replicated? Actually - yes, so for all of the scientists out there watching this, check this out! Remember the thing that started this all off..the idea that razor blades could be sharpened inside the pyramid shape? 

Well, a Ukrainian Scientist -Dr. Krasnoholovets (Krishna… THIS!) repeated the original experiment with modern scientific equipment. They proved—with scanning-electron microscope photography— that the pyramid shape changed the molecular structure along the cutting edge of a razor blade. Unlike what Drbal seemed to have discovered, though, a north-south alignment did not appear to make a fresh razor blade any sharper. However, an east-west position had an exact, measurable dulling effect on the edge—transforming its straight, flat surfaces into lumpy, bumpy, wavelike curves on a microscopic level, which can be seen in his paper in the description.

More recently, an experiment by Dr. Krasnoholovets (Krishna… Dr. Krash) and some others found that the pyramid shape could also affect electrical currents that were run through it. By building a pyramid approximately 3m high and running an electrical current through the interior and the exterior surrounding area, the pyramid's interior somehow excited the wind. When the draft was measured again -outside the pyramid, it was found to have been excited by nearly 4x! In other words, if you were to introduce 1 kilowatt of electricity inside the pyramid, you could potentially extract 5 kilowatts from the outside! Imagine a world where each house had a mini pyramid in their back yard to increase their household power efficiency! 

Now, Dr. Krasnoholovets and his team at the Giza Pyramid Research Association have been putting out papers and articles every year and coming up with some fascinating theories about why and how the pyramid works and the idea behind its workings, which we encourage you to go and read for yourself if you’re interested in this kind of stuff. As you can probably imagine, though...a full conversation about the Quantum mechanics, Inerton fields, and paradigm-shifting science behind this would take up an entire playlist of videos, and we’re not going to cover it in-depth right now.

To give a very, very simple version, though….the research seems to suggest the existence of another type of field around the earth that is generated by the friction of a moving particle in an aether: Aka - a modern-day quantum vacuum; atoms then interact with the field to produce a type of wave that flows depending on the rotation of the earth from West to East and on its orbit around the sun.

The paths passed by these waves are in a particular type of ratio. Any object that satisfies the correct dimensions -of which a pyramid is the most common and has the correct orientation can act as a resonator that focuses the field/waves. 

The keen-eyed among you may point out, though…” Hang on… If the ratio is so important and the Great Pyramid is the perfect ratio… Why do the Russian Pyramids even work at all? If they’re so much longer/steeper”. 

This itself is interesting because perhaps… The Russian Pyramids don’t work as well as they should… When it comes to pyramids, there are generally three types: A sharp pyramid, like the ones found in Russia, the Perfect Pyramid, like the ones at Giza, and an obtuse pyramid like the bent pyramid. Following Dr. DeSalvo and Krasnoholovets’ theory, a sharp pyramid may not be able to keep the waves contained inside the chamber properly. It may instead act as a radiator or interact with the field in the upper atmosphere, which would explain its effect on the ozone layer high above it.

Alternatively, an obtuse pyramid is theorized to do the opposite and radiate the accumulated waves downwards into the earth. Thus, the perfect pyramid -like the one at Giza, is like the golden ratio..and acts as the happy medium, being able to contain and use the waves most effectively. Unfortunately, until such a study is carried out in the Great Pyramid itself, we won’t know for sure, but it’s fun to think about!

This is potentially the modern-day theory behind the Pyramid Power. The Pyramid shape somehow focuses this field, which is already around us, into a usable form with noticeable effects. It is theorized that these waves somehow increase the oscillation of electrons in a circuit….It gives them more of a push/more energy to work with, which accounts for the extra energy output.

Now, we’re not saying this is exactly how it works, or even...that we understand it ourselves. The great pyramid is such a mystery, with such precision in its ratio and even seeming alignment with Orions Belt, that what it was built for is still elusive to us. However, we have theorized about this before, in the Human History Movie. 

But what is most interesting is that all of this information and demonstrable effects of the Pyramid shape warrants a further comprehensive study of the topic, without prejudice from the scientific community. Dr. John DeSalvo and his team at the Giza Pyramid Research Association have proposed a project to measure the interior of the Great Pyramid to assess it for different types of fields, in the hope that they can prove that it is a resonator of the new kind of area, and we’re excited to see the results. 

Just think of what kind of advancements could be made in medicine, construction, wellbeing, and a whole host of other stuff in our society if we had a pyramid in or around every city? Or Pyramids in our farmlands helping crops have better yields? 

It’s hard to imagine a world where diseases could be cured and violence could be lessened -especially right now, but maybe...this new and strange science is the first step to get there.

Now, to close out this video, I want to share with you a unique vision of mine… Ever since I first learned about this stuff, probably 6 or 7 years ago now, I’ve had a dream of building a Pyramid-Shaped Spirit Center. I envisioned some large community gathering place that would serve as a garden, a library, a community center, and maybe even a healing center, a sacred space for people to gather, learn, meditate, and all kinds of things like this. If we could build just one, if it was a success, we could begin building them all over the country and then the world, serving humanity to create a deeper connection with ourselves and the earth, holistically. 

This is a dream of Spirit Science, and we fully intend to see it through! And we know that since talking about all of this, we’ve seen a lot of support from many of you in wanting to help and be apart of this vision! And so today, we’ve created an impressive opt-in email list for updates about the Spirit Center, along with other updates we may have! If you want to be explicitly notified about the Spirit Center, use the link at the top of the comments to sign up for updates and information as we begin making progress towards this vision!

Thank you so much for watching, and for those who are still skeptical of the whole thing, I encourage you to go and build your own mini Giza pyramid model and try it for yourself! Thanks again, and see you next time on Spirit Science!


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