Revealing Your Personality Through Palmistry

articles astrology Aug 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the lines on your palm mean? Perhaps you have thought about what life would be like if you knew how to read your own palm.

But what does it mean to be able to read the lines on your palmPalmistry is the study of the meaning of lines in a person's hand. Experts say that the lines on the hand reveal a person's character traits and personality.

The Origins Of Palm Reading

A thousand years ago, the practice of palmistry was said to have begun in India. Although no records of its humble beginnings have survived, the practice of palm reading continues until today. 

If you are looking at hand analysis and its principles, you are lucky because it is easy to understand. It is even easier to start practicing. 

The practice of palm reading takes a lot of time and effort. The more you study it, the more successful you'll be in making accurate predictions. What does your hand say about your future? Is it true in its revelation about your personality?

When it comes to palm reading, ancient practices believe that it is always best to do a reading of your dominant hand first. Most experts believe that the dominant hand is the most revealing. 

It is the hand used for handwriting and completing all the other daily tasks. This means that the dominant hand is the one representative of your conscious mind. While the other hand, the one less used, is demonstrative of your subconscious.  

The Important Elements of Chiromancy

Once you've picked which hand to do the reading with first, you must look at your hand's shape. You must spend time observing the details of your hand. Every hand comes with a form that falls under the four critical elements of metaphysical science—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 

What kind of hands do you have?

Air Hand

These are the types of hands that are described as artistic and elegant. They present with long fingers and square palms. Overall, the hands are usually bony in structure with thin fingers and prominent knuckles. 

Air hands are usually soft and delicate. They show intellectual curiosity, which is a natural manifestation of strong communication skills. People with Air hands are more likely to get easily distracted or bored. 

Earth Hand

An Earth hand can easily be associated with something about building or creating something from scratch. They come with square palms yet short fingers. They are often fleshy yet firm. Earth's hands are usually coarse in texture and very warm. This is the type of hand that belongs to someone who takes on life with a bit more precaution guided by practicality. They are reliable and grounded, but they always come with a straightforward approach. 

Sometimes, Earth hands can become a little bit too predictable. However, they are known to follow through all their commitments to the very end. 

Fire Hand

Fire hands can easily be identified because of their short fingers yet long palms. Theirs is very similar to that of a child's hand. Fire hands are dry and coarse. Lines on the personality of the fire hand are deep and decisive. This aligns well with the character of people who have fire hands. They are known to be exuberant, driven, and confident. They have such a direct approach to things that, if they aren't careful, they are often mistaken as arrogant and bossy.

Water Hand

If you have a narrow palm but long and thin fingers, then you have Water hands. These hands are much like those of flippers, mainly because they are soft and moist. The hands-on personality of people with Water hands is often compassionate, intuitive, and artistic. They lean towards creative personalities. The hallmark of those with Water hands is that they are emotional and sensitive, which means they can quickly get offended and hurt. 

While it may be common for people to manifest the personalities that their type of hand speaks of, it is the very ability that allows them to look at their palms and make predictions of how life would be like. 

Is it possible to have two different types of hands? Some people can have their dominant hand take on an Earth hand while their other hand leans more towards the Fire hand. This difference may alter their personality a bit, but they can strike a balance between both. 

What Does My Natural Hand Say About Me?

The practice of chiromancy is not just about what your natural hand says about you. The elements of the hands you were born with may say a lot about who you are as a person, but it doesn't speak for everything. 

Your hands have been exposed to other natural elements, including time and experience. All of these contribute to the kind of hands that you have. 

Serious palm readers often include the scars, calluses, and the other aspects of your hands that determine your life experiences. They consider these as essential elements in identifying the kind of personality you have developed because of these experiences and exposures. 

Calluses and scars may also present habitual action, which opens another facet to another aspect of your personality. 

Moles and birthmarks at the exterior part of your hands are also very rare. It is as if fate or a love line can speak more about it. 

Parting Thoughts About Palm Reading

There is so much information you can gather by the touch and sight of your hands. If you are serious about discovering more about the art of divination, take the time to familiarize yourself with the entire hand before going into the details.

Think about what a person does all day while using their hands. Remember that these actions shape the hand just as much as nature does.

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