Simple Steps To Becoming A Spirited Person

For some, success means expensive holidays, the latest gadgets, luxurious cars, and everything extravagant in today's modern world. Society lies and tells you that happiness is anchored in material things. Labels are what most people strive to achieve. Your status and what you have is the new basis of self-worth.

Eventually, you will realize that it is a never-ending chase. There will always be something more expensive than your last holiday, trendier than the gadget you purchased, and pricier than your car. You will soon realize that the happiness these material things can give you is short-lived. For these reasons, being free-spirited is something you will yearn for.

How To Become A Free Spirit

Do you want to become a free-spirited woman or man? Do you know what you have to give up to achieve that inner peace? 

A free-spirited person is spiritually enlightened and knows too well that material possessions do not guarantee happiness nor inner peace. Enlightened people do not let societal delusions and modern-day slavery get a hold of them. They march to the beat of their own drum.

The best way to become free-spirited is to start with an inner search. Begin with letting go of judging yourself and of obsessing over how you are feeling. By focusing too much on negative emotions, you are unconsciously feeding and nurturing it. 

Let go of living in the past

When you practice free spirit travel, you learn to let go of the past. Look at past mistakes as lessons learned and a guide to the present and future. Let go of the habit of always proving your point. Life is not about how many points you are right but the ability to embrace different perspectives. 

Cut off unhealthy relationships

Sometimes, if you are in a toxic relationship, you have to leave or let some people go to give a chance for new relationships to grow. Negative emotions from unhealthy relationships can hinder you from becoming a free spirit. 

This is also the time to renounce your ego and that false identity with which you conceal yourself. The labels, titles, and reputation that society tries to box us in are false. Letting go of job descriptions and statuses is a sure way to free your spirit.

Drop that make-believe optimism

We often hear people saying that they have no regrets, being unapologetic of their decisions, or choosing to be positive. It is a foolish way to deal with life because life is full of ups and downs. You have to embrace and experience downtimes to fully live out the whole of your existence. Realizing that negativity is also part of living is the path to a stronger self.

Come out of your safe zone and free yourself from all your fears

People can always choose to stay in the safety and security of their comfort zone, but they cannot fully explore and experience life. Deciding to move out of that comfort is the beginning of truly living your life. 

Aside from this, fear is what drowns the soul. It paralyzes a person from doing almost anything. It is okay to feel fear, but you must do what you need to do nevertheless because in letting go of your fear, you will unleash the positivity within you. Relinquish control and surrender to life and its unrestrained nature.

Stop trying to be perfect

Perfectionists feel constantly trapped because they are focused on just one thing—being perfect. They are too preoccupied with how they look, too troubled over their careers, too proud to accept or even work on their failures, and too busy pretending that they forget to loosen up and have some fun.

Live in the moment

Stop concerning yourself with life's processes all at once. Take life just as it, leave things as they are, and be mindful of the present. Relax. When doing yoga or exercising, the more unyielding and uncompromising you are, the tougher it is for your muscles to move; the same is true spiritually. 

To naturally get moving again and unload yourself from life's burdens, take time to relax. Quit paying attention to those negative thoughts and emotions because what you continuously think of will eventually become your reality.

Studies have shown that feelings do not arise from the logical explanation of events, but emotions are just emotions. But letting emotions govern your life will eventually create negative feelings, which in turn creates negative thoughts. Then these thoughts will later turn to beliefs and convictions. In the end, what we believe becomes our truth even if it is negative and may harm us. 

To change your situation, you must act on your emotions, however, you may feel. Act the opposite of how you feel, such as doing happy things when you are sad or doing relaxing activities when you are angry. Acting as if you are free will make you feel free, and acting as if you are stuck in life will make you feel stuck. Imagination is important.

Try out setting your mind for a different purpose

When you make one goal the center of your whole being, it will make you feel trapped. Changing goals is a changing of your perspective. It will help you see life from a different angle, thus frees the spirit. There are many goals you can work on, such as starting a new hobby, prioritizing your spiritual growth, or taking that vacation you have put off for the longest time. So go ahead and travel. 

Final Thoughts

It is so frustrating to feel like everyone else knows what their goals are and how to make them happen. Do not be so hard on yourself on being free-spirited; just take it day by day. You will figure it out eventually, and it is perfectly fine if you ride it out. 

You do not have to understand and see what will happen as free-spirited people learned to accept the beauty and chaos of living a free-spirited life. The joy comes from being free from fear and actually by just being true to yourself.

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