Spending Too Much Time On Email At Night? Don't Hit Send!

articles lifestyle Sep 11, 2020

Communicating in your highest state of awareness and confidence is vital to giving your best self to your team and your followers.

Reevaluate Your Intentions

However, the feeling of the need to continue to "work" when your body is giving you signals that it is time to rest is part of ego programming. We do not intend, honestly, to consistently grind. We are expecting more so to be inflow. When it feels like you need regeneration of energy, yet there is an ever-present voice that you NEED TO KEEP WORKING, there is a tendency to abide by this work voice. This is not to say working at night is wrong. It is to say that listening to our bodies when it comes to when we devote creative energy towards something is crucial.

You do your best work when you are most excited to be doing it. If you WANT to do it, do it!

When you consistently work when you are not excited (motivated), you deplete your life-force energy. If you don't want to do it, consider not doing it!

You DO Have A Choice

You might be thinking, "Okay, that all sounds fine and dandy, but I can't just quit my job." Well, yes, you can. But if you choose not to, you CAN make it better. That starts and ends with loving yourself as much as you possibly can. So, if you feel like you must do something, choose to perceive it as you WANT to do it (because you do). See it as a choice. Then, see it as an IDEAL choice, and make it ideal, which means loving yourself through the process. Make your late-night work sessions intentional and self-contained. Do not allow them to break into all other parts of your evening, like dinner, familial conversation, relaxing, self-care, sleep, etc.

Comprehend your feelings as a pragmatic sign from your bodies as to what is best for it. Get real with what works and what does not.

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