Spirit Cycles 2 ~ Mars Crescendograde

Scientists, historians, and archeologists are actively engaged in answering the big questions about human origins, our relationship to each other, and the world around us. But advances in technology and scientific techniques are uncovering paradigm-shattering discoveries that are forcing a crisis in their way of thinking. The models and historical narratives that were once accepted as truth are no longer holding up to the evidence being uncovered.

You know the idea that a subtle flitter of a butterfly's wing can be the catalyst for the creation of a hurricane or a tornado on the other side of the planet? This applies to everything, and Mars retrograde is no exception. The smallest shift, the change in the gravitational relationship with mars, created much larger results with many smaller shifts and events that played out here on earth.

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Mars and Saturn retrograde, as all retrogrades go, are times for reflection and observation of the way that we act and behave with each other, and cultivating the striving forward motion that feels so good when we are inflow. For Mars, it's more about the emotional side of our male energy. For Saturn, it's more about the order and structure of the way we operate inside our world. Retrogrades help us find the true essence of what we want to act on, and so you may find that you simply have no energy to spend on things that you were wasting your energy on before.

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