Steps In Accessing Your Subconscious Mind

Was there ever a time you regret doing something because it sabotaged your bigger plan? You knew that it would end up like that, but you pushed through with it anyway, hoping for better things to come. 

The mind has the power to control your life, including your actions and the decisions you make. It is what pushed you to give the power to your partner. It is also the same mind that made you make a negative remark in front of your boss. 

You want to make things right, but you always do things that you know are bad for your relationships and your career. Sometimes, it may feel like something is holding you back, but you can’t be too sure of it. Indeed, the mind has its ways of letting you know what you can and cannot do. 

Discovering The Power Of The Subconscious

All the answers to the questions you have about yourself are kept in the subconscious part of your brain. The ideas are locked away from the conscious mind, and that’s why you have this feeling as if you know something but can’t explain precisely how you know it.

At some point, with the right subconscious mind exercises, you will be able to gain access to these parts of your brain. The steps you take will help you unlock everything that is in your subconscious. 

The mind power secrets lie in how your situations or ideas make you feel. Those that you consider very hurtful and damaging are kept from you by your subconscious. They restrict access because you yourself have considered it bad for your mental and emotional health. 

But with mind power training, you can access your subconscious and reveal what you truly need to know about life.

The best part about gaining access to your subconscious is this: for as long as you are willing to be honest with yourself, you can get started. 

How Do You Access The Subconscious Mind?

You live in a society that runs on secrets. It comes in a wide range of healthy omissions that keep people from getting hurt to damaging truths that could significantly impact us. Everyone around has their own secrets to keep. 

However, the most damaging and hurtful secrets that could keep us from moving on are those that we choose to keep to ourselves. They keep us from growing as individuals, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Most of them require a certain level of energy so that you can properly process them and integrate nothing less than the truth in your life. 

If this is how important the role is of the subconscious, how do you access it? Here are a few simple steps:

Step 1: Decide on the issues that you need to resolve

Calmly sit down and close your eyes. Prepare yourself to meditate. The intent to tap on your subconscious mind should always be expressed at the beginning of the meditation process. Make sure that you express the issues that you need to find resolutions for. 

Tell yourself what it is that you seek to understand. It will help if you can keep a journal close by so that you can write everything that you experience, feel, and think. 

Step 2: Set the scene

Where do you begin? Determine where your story will start, whether inside or outside. Imagine the environment you are moving in. This should be directly related to what you want to work out with yourself at this time. 

If there is a memory from your past that will present itself, then allow this to push you towards a new beginning. Your make-believe story should be able to set the scene to allow your mind to reveal what it wants you to know. 

Step 3: Explore your mind

Do not be afraid to think of things that will lead you to what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Ask yourself what you are doing at the moment that pops in your head. Continue to move in your make-up story moving through various moments of action and interaction. Take mental notes of what appears.

Step 4: Write everything down

When the story seems to have been completed, go through every detail one at a time. You may even be able to enhance your story the way you want to. At this point, it is highly encouraged that you look into the details, for they reveal an important message from your subconscious. 

Step 5: Analyze the details

This is the most difficult part of the process, as you will try to understand every detail based on what is going on in your life. Ask yourself this: if there is anything that a particular detail represents, what would it be and why? 

For example, if you imagined yourself walking along a narrow path with tall trees on each side, you try to analyze what that scenario means in your life at the moment. Maybe, it reveals the career choices that you are making. 

Maybe it’s trying to tell you that your career choices may not be what everyone would pursue, but it is something that you should try for yourself. You will feel like there is some strong force within you that supports you with it, and that’s good enough reason to make it your choice.

Every detail reveals a lot about your life, so give careful attention to it. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

When you learn how to reach your subconscious mind while awake is one of the things that you can train yourself to do. With these simple steps to follow, you can access the subconscious and reveal what you need to know about yourself.

Knowing who you are inside-out can help develop the kind of strong personality you want for yourself. It is not just about knowing what you keep in your subconscious, but understanding the fact that there is something you can do about it. 

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