Steps To Get Closer To Happiness

articles lifestyle Nov 27, 2020

Who doesn't want to have happiness in their life? If there is anything that people wish for in their life apart from love, it is to be truly happy. While your happiness journal may be a positive reminder for all the good things that happen to you, what other purpose does it serve? 

It is a fact that everyone wants to be happy. But the real question to ask at this point is this: How do you become truly happy? 

Everyone knows why happiness is important, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. For sure, there is always something that makes someone happy. For example, there are people who find happiness in shopping. When they buy things, the act of it makes them feel happy inside. 

Others find happiness in creating art. They paint, sing, dance, film, and do many other things that make them feel pleasure. Creating your own source of happiness is the key to making it happen. 

How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

You may not have everything you could wish for, but there is something you can do to still achieve happiness. Here are some steps you might want to take to help you get there:

Step 1: Love who you are

Learning how to create happiness all begins by learning to love yourself. You have to learn to accept who you are and what you can and cannot do. Self-love is all about embracing the things that you don't like about yourself. 

Accepting the fact that you are not the perfect person you wish you were is a huge step to take. But then again, it is the first one that will genuinely bring actual happiness in your life. Love and embrace who you are, your personality, and everything that is not likable about you.

If you do this, then you are off to an enjoyable happiness journey. 

Step 2: Show people some compassion

Now that you feel all the right kind of love with yourself, it is time to show others what real love looks like. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to show compassion to others, especially when you have high expectations set for them. 

When they do not meet it, you get disappointed. You blame them for their mistake and wish they had tried harder. But is it really their mistake? Or is it your false expectation of them that led you to think that they did you wrong? 

So instead of showing anger, show them compassion. How do you do it? Focus your attention on the process. It should never be about how things turned out. It should always be about whether they tried to do it or not. 

When you expect less from people, you are likely to get less disappointed too. Show them understanding. Look into the situation and try to make sense of why the failure happened. From there, you will gain new insight on how to deal with people accordingly. 

Help them if they need help. Everyone has to learn to give. Whether it is help or compassion, if you can provide both, then you should. 

Step 3: Give yourself some time 

When was the last time you gave yourself time to relax and unwind? You may think you are Superman or Wonderwoman, but remember that your mind and body can get tired. When this happens, there is no shame in taking a break.

Allow yourself to recharge at your own space and time. Whether it is revitalizing an old hobby you have put on hold because of work or simply closing your eyes for a moment to clear your head, go ahead and do it. 

You deserve to rest, and that's not something you should be guilty about. Take time for yourself, and you will see how it can help you become the best person at work or in your family. Think of the many ways you can help recharge your energy.

Maybe you can do art or engage in sports. It doesn't matter what you choose to do for yourself. The goal is to make yourself rest and recharge so that you can continue being the best that you can be for the world. 

Step 4: Be open to receiving

While others say that goodness comes to those who give, there is nothing wrong about being open to receiving too. The world should always be a two-way street. When you give, be prepared to receive as well.

The acts of giving and receiving can come in many forms, and it is not always about money. For example, when you choose to show kindness, be prepared for it to come back to you. Receiving is always such a good feeling.

But then again, nothing can compare to the kind of happiness that you feel when you give. When you see people's eyes light up because of the joy you brought into their lives, you feel genuine pleasure from deep within too.

Giving and receiving is always an act of love. You can always give and not receive, and that's okay. But when people do give you something, practice gratitude. It is not always about material things. Sometimes, the best gifts are those that come from the heart. 

Step 5: Dream big and make it happen

What do you aspire for at this point in your life? What is it that you want? When you dream, you yearn for something. You push yourself to work hard to turn your dreams into reality. But how do you begin to dream?

Look into the things that you want in life. Make a list. Write down the many ways you can achieve it. Put your heart and soul into it and make it happen. 

Work hard to make your dreams a reality. It's the only way you can genuinely say that you are happy for yourself. It is not just about acting on what you want. Instead, it is about dreaming about it and learning that you can do something about it. 

Go ahead and color your life with happiness. Paint the world with your smile. Hopefully, others will get the positive energy that you release and use it for themselves too. 

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