Steps To Staying Committed

articles self-care May 26, 2020

Everyone wants to be committed to something or someone because it gives them a sense of grounding. However, when you make a commitment, you could be limiting your options. For some people, this could pose a huge problem. For others, the hard part of living comes from not having a goal in mind. They feel lost in life with no direction. These may be opposing views, but they all point to the same issue and question:

How does one stay committed to their responsibilities while also still becoming the person they want to be?

How do you deal with your dedication and commitment to work while still having time for yourself? How do you follow through with prior commitments while still growing as a person? Is there a secret formula that will enable you to see things through no matter what happens?

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

While other people rush themselves to pursue their endeavors, it is best to work at your own pace. When you look back to how you were in the past, you’d be able to realize how much you’ve changed for the better because of your past dedication and commitment to your responsibilities and goals. You will see that when you have stayed committed to your dreams, you have grown as a person. Stick to the plans you’ve made, and hopefully, you’ll be able to make it work. 

How do you tell yourself that once you make the decision, to work hard to achieve that and nothing less? The road to staying committed is pretty simple. You just have to want it enough.

Why Are Persistence and Patience Important?

If you want to accomplish something, you have to be dedicated to seeing it through. For example, if you’ve committed to change your exercise habits, you have to actually get up every morning to do your selected exercise routine. You have to have an unwavering vision of your new reality to be successful in your endeavors.

How do you teach yourself to stay persistent while still dealing with everything else that comes along in life? How important is persistence in attaining one’s goal? How do you begin to teach yourself the art of perseverance to keep you on track? 

Your persistence fuels your commitment to change. Your endurance is the center of any goal to which you commit yourself. Without persistence as your core habit, you will readily give up at the first sign of difficulty. Persistence fuels your desire to get things done.

No one truly appreciates persistence until they’ve failed several times. The significant failures in life bring about the real-life lessons that help shape who you are. What is the problem then? 

The problem is that we live in a society that only values instant gratification. People have everything they want in an instant, so they forget the importance of patience. How do you go from expecting things to happen in an instant?

Patience, they say, is a virtue, but it is also a skill that people develop over time. How much patience do you have? How patient can you be? It is not easy to teach yourself to be patient. But, much like your desire for perseverance, it is something for which you should work hard. 

Lastly, your fear of failure can sometimes get in the way of your confidence, and therefore you shrink away from your goals and responsibilities. How do you overcome that fear of failure? You teach yourself to persist, to always want more. If you keep yourself committed, it will become easier for you to understand how you can turn things to your advantage and how to make every failure a lesson.

How Do You Stay Committed?

How do you stay dedicated to your work? Committing to something is not an easy undertaking; that’s why it should never be taken lightly. However, if you follow the following three steps, you’ll find it easier not only to commit in the first place but also to follow through to your goals.

Set goals and make sure they are S.M.A.R.T.

The problem of not being able to commit is not about not having goals. Most people who fail to achieve their goals don’t have a solid plan in place. Another problem people face is that they have set their goals too high. When the goals become unattainable during a given period, that’s when the problem begins. People get frustrated, and they think there is nothing they can do to fix the problem. Make sure that all your goals are Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based

Create a massive plan to get all your goals in place. 

This should include a step by step process of how you plan to achieve your goals. Whether it is something personal like losing weight or starting your savings or something career-oriented like taking on that extra course on business, you have to know what needs to be done. From there, it becomes easier to take on the task and move from the starting point towards the end goal. 

Work on managing your time effectively. 

You may have a lot of goals in your hands, but you know you can’t do them all at the same time. So take one step at a time. How much time do you need to accomplish what needs to be done? You only have 24 hours in a day. So instead of diverting your attention to the unimportant things, you need to focus on your goals. How do you use your time wisely? How do you use it to forward your goals? 

While all these may sound simple, they are harder to accomplish in real life. But you can do it! When it seems life is full of diversions, stay focused. Stay committed to your goals, and in the end, you will look back at everything you’ve achieved and know that you can do anything. 

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