Stop The Habit Of Being Busy

Do you feel so busy that your resting state is feeling overwhelmed? This shouldn’t be the case. Life is too beautiful to spend it on being too busy at work, chores, or other things that don’t make us feel happy and fulfilled. 

However, if you feel satisfied with your work and other aspects of your life, that’s great! Nonetheless, give yourself some time to breathe and just enjoy the moment. Being busy all the time doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re also productive. That’s something we should all watch out for. 

Addiction To Being Busy

For some of us, we’re addicted to the thought of being busy. We like the adrenaline and the pressure, as well as the feeling of relief that we get once it’s all over. We then get ourselves back on that hamster wheel of being busy to feel that high. There has to be a better way to live than this, right? 

We have to keep in mind that there’s a massive difference between being busy and being productive. When you are productive, you’re actually making progress. When you’re only busy, you usually feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and chaotic. 

Don’t get caught up with the addiction to being busy. Instead, work on becoming truly productive so that you can get closer to whatever goals you have set for yourself. Here, let’s learn how to stop being busy and understand how to be productive. 

How To Be More Productive Instead Of Busy

Your daily life doesn’t have to be chaotic and overwhelming all the time. You don’t have to feel exhausted to know that you’ve done something during the day. There are so many ways to do tasks that will leave you feeling fulfilled instead of dead-tired. 

If you don’t change this addiction to being busy, it will have adverse effects on your health. You will always be stressed, and that won’t do your mind and body any good. Even your relationships can suffer because you’re always in a state of panic. 

Let’s take a look at these three steps you can take to really get more things done without the stress of busyness. 

Have a system in place

Having a morning routine before you start your day is highly important. Not only that, but you should also have an evening routine for when you end your day. It would also be great if you have a weekly routine when you can plan for your week. 

Yes, routines are crucial if you want to be a productive person. These routines make up the system that you have so you can make the most of your days. It’s vital to have a plan for how you’re going to spend each day of the week. You can even break it down further into how you’ll spend the hours of the day. The more specific your plan is, the better it will work. 

When you do things this way, it will be much easier to see the progress you make. Imagine waking up without a plan and just going about your day and doing tasks as they come. You need to have a system so that everything gets done. 

Practice digital minimalism

Many of us start by looking at the notifications on our smartphones, and then we end up wasting an hour or so browsing social media sites. That’s how we lose hours and hours of our days. When you’re working on a task, try your best to practice digital minimalism

Be a bit more disciplined when it comes to spending time on social media, news, or watching funny cat videos on the internet, even if they’re hilarious. Turn off notifications and even put the phone on silent mode so you won’t have any distractions. 

The idea here is to spend a reasonable amount of time working on your task, and then when you have your break, you can then take a look at your phone. So when you work for fifty minutes and take a break for ten minutes, you may then use your phone. You’ll find that you’ll get more things done this way. 

Be flexible

When you schedule your day, you’ve imagined a perfect scenario where there won’t be any interruptions. However, the reality is that some things will come up, and you will be derailed from the schedule you’ve set. 

Instead of feeling frustrated, try to be more flexible. If you have an urgent task to attend to, then work on that and then go back to your to-do list or schedule and make the necessary adjustments. 

We can only do so much in a day, so don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too much on your plate. Pick a handful of essential tasks daily and focus on accomplishing those. By doing things this way, you will be able to see clear progress. 

When you don’t meet the goals you have set for yourself, don’t dwell on the feeling you failed. Forgive yourself and learn from today’s experience so that when you plan for tomorrow, you’ll be able to plan better and execute that plan more effectively. 

Final Thoughts

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? Life is not just about work and accomplishing tasks. Remember that you have needs that must be fulfilled as well. So, take the time to be alone so you can think and wonder. Take a stroll so you can enjoy your surroundings and appreciate the sceneries in your area. 

Also, don’t forget your relationships. While it may be great to be productive, you should also take the time to nurture your relationships and friendships. Make time to meet with your loved ones so you can have a good conversation over a hearty meal. 

Being busy sometimes is unavoidable, but if all you are is busy, then you may have to rethink how you’re spending your life. Take a moment to assess how you’re living your life so you can focus on the things that truly matter. 

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