Techniques To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

The primary benefits of overcoming the fear of public speaking accrue NOT within the area of public speaking.

You realize that overcoming any fear is not about the ability to do what you are fearful of, but rather that overcoming your fear is a direct communication to your subconscious that you cannot be stopped from fulfilling your desires. Anyone can speak publicly so long as they can talk. This realization that fears being conquered is a step toward a more easeful, prosperous, happy life can be THE motivating factor.

Get In The Flow

Practice talking about a topic that you know a lot about.

Know that your personality is what needs to come out. Therefore, if you feel nervous speaking up in a meeting or to a group, this is not a BAD thing. There is just stagnant energy that wants to be moved. Getting in the flow is a prerequisite.

Particularly with public speaking, there is a particular aspect of overcoming this fear. There is a reason that it is one of the most common phobias. This involves doing something that we have no trouble doing by ourselves, but when other people are watching, there is high resistance. The unique part of overcoming this fear is that you must do it IN THE PRESENCE of others. Remember that presence is power. So when you break through fear, and that breakthrough is witnessed by others who are providing their present energy to you, the signal that you send via the law of attraction is multiplied. It is one thing to have incredibly profound realizations alone, then be tasked with grounding it into your day-to-day experience, and it is quite another to step on stage and be something that you once thought was impossible.

Remember Who You Are

Realize what you are doing is not "learning to speak in front of a group." Remember, you are spirit—formless and timeless—in your true nature. You decided to come into a body to learn certain things, play a specific role, and expand in various ways, assisting yourself and the Earth simultaneously. The superficiality of speaking in front of a group as a primary thing to overcome in one's life does not fit the viewpoint of the soul. 

Why Does It Matter To You?

Knowing this, then we must question, what does speaking in front of a group represent for you? For most people, it serves being seen, and vulnerability, and it represents power. So it is helpful to remember this as you connect with the feeling of successfully delivering a speech or a performance of some kind that what you are doing is much grander than merely learning how to speak in front of a group.

Go find a list, or create your own list, of potent affirmations that go far beyond that of just public speaking. I am using public speaking because it is the most common great fear among many that are looking to take the next step in being seen. The tool transcends yet includes this. Through affirmations, you can speak directly to your subconscious and inform it of your new, preferred belief systems, including how you perceive fears as well as the purpose and process in overcoming them. 

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