The 8 Crystals That Bring Fortune

When was the last time you felt like you won the lottery? A time you felt so good about your life that you couldn't think of anything negative at that very moment. It felt like everything just fell into place. 

But when you feel like you are experiencing all the bad things in the world, you tend to blame it on other people. Sometimes, you even blame the Universe for not giving you what you want. But then, when you consult experts, they will tell you that if you are feeling all that bad luck, the first thing you need to look into is yourself. 

Make an honest assessment of where you are at the moment. What are your predominant thoughts? After all, if you believe in your thoughts' power, then you should know that the energy of your thoughts can affect your life. While adjusting your thoughts can do wonders, taking advantage of the counterpart energy in crystals can give you a boost.

What Are Crystals Good For?

Good luck crystals often bring you good energy. Crystals and gemstones can be powerful tools in helping you make that shift in terms of thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. 

Crystals for luck can bring about a streak of good things. From getting you that dream job to bring success in your business, you are responsible for all the luck that comes in your way. Having a crystal means you are making more effort to send out high vibrations, and they are all coming back to you. 

There are various crystals to choose from, each with their share of what's good and bad for you. Crystals for luck and money are the most popular, only proving what people seek to improve. 

Which Crystals Should You Use For What?


It is the stone of prosperity, protection, and wealth. Citrine is an amazing stone that pushes you to pursue your dreams of financial independence. Wearing citrine helps amplify its power. It strengthens the vibration and simply encourages good luck to come your way as it touches your skin. 


This is the go-to money crystal of those who believe in the power of the stones. This golden and shimmering stone will bring that shift in your energy. It will make you feel confident about yourself so that you can run after your dreams. Wear it as a bracelet and let it amplify your desire for success. 


This is the stone that helps repel all the negative energy coming your way. It helps prepare you to attract all the positive energy, allowing you to attract abundance and luck. Shungite also helps balance the chakras. In particular, it works with the root chakra that will help you stay grounded so that you can attract the energies that you want in your life. 

Keep shungite in your home, and it will help drive away the negativity trying to enter your lovely home. 

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz will bring about abundance and good luck by removing all the negative energies surrounding your emotional state. The old limiting negative emotions make it hard for people to move on and try something new. 

Wearing smokey quartz will help clear your head and attract only positive energy. 


This is the crystal that will help restore the balance and harmony in every situation. It strengthens your intuition and inner voice to help you realize what is truly best for you. When you achieve a sense of clarity of where you are and what you want, it can be quite easy to see what is good and bad for you. 

Keep amethyst in your house, your car, or wear it if you want. Make sure that when you wear it, it is touching your skin. 

Tiger's eye

This crystal is also considered a lucky charm. All the lines going to different directions show you how many paths you can take and still experience success. This crystal makes you open your mind to various opportunities coming your way, with the promise that one of them will lead you to a pot of gold. Wear the tiger's eye on your wrist, and it will bring a constant reminder that you have to work hard to make that dream a reality. 


This is the stone of magic, and it can surely throw in some fairy dust in your life too. It helps increase your creativity and self-confidence. It is the transformative stone that will turn your life around, directing you to live a higher purpose.

Sleep with labradorite or wear it all day, and you will feel like you are more in control of your life. 


This stone is all about bringing synchronicity in your life. It comes with unique vibrations that help unlock your potential and connection to your spirit and your inner self. This is the gemstone that will change your life for the better. 

If you want to have a breakthrough in your life, wear the Auralite23 wherever you go. It will not only clear out all the negativity, but it will pave the way for self-affirmation. You can do it, and nobody can stop you. 

What's Your Takeaway?

At one point in your life, you may have found yourself at rock bottom. It made you think there was nothing else you could do to improve things. That's when the crystals and a change of attitude can save you. Give these stones for good fortune and chance and see if they bring about good luck.

When you have the right mindset and the positive energy to back you up, you know you can do anything and everything you could ever want. 

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