The Beauty of Pushing Yourself to Your Limits

articles self-care May 12, 2020

What's the only thing stopping you from reaching your goals? More than likely, it's you. The limitations you put on yourself are the only things standing in your way. When you know your limits, and guard them without wanting to push them, you stay safe. 

But then again, there is no growth when you don't push yourself to the limits. You remain where you are. You feel protected in your comfort zone, but you don't progress. 

Whenever you feel curious about something, and you want to learn, things become harder to achieve. Whether it is fear, doubt, or a physical condition that keeps you from getting what you want, it can present itself as a barrier to exploring what else you can be. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to work past their limitations. Whenever things become uncertain, they feel threatened and simply give up. You have to ask yourself, "How far are am I willing to go to reach my goals?" 

It really depends on how well you handle the situation. Failing to push past the limitations you have set for yourself will only leave you with a bunch of unrealized dreams. If you can work through them, it will be easier to make any goal or dream a reality. 

Pushing Yourself To The Limits

How do you reach those breaking limits? How do you push through to the moment where it seems as if you can do anything and have everything you want? When was the last time you felt so strong that you decided to break your limits in order to become better?

For example, when you decided to take on a healthier path, you knew you would have to push your body limits and put it to the test. Not only did you give up unhealthy eating, but you also submitted yourself to an everyday workout routine. Because it was all new to you, it was challenging to manage cardio, weight lifting, and many exercises that pushed your physical strength to its limits. 

At first, you became resistant. You tried to fight it, and that was when the goals of losing weight became so much harder to attain. What happened to your body when you decided to be complacent about your everyday routine, sticking only to the lifting and cardio that you do every day for the last three months? Did you see any progress? Or has your weight loss become stagnant?

It is when you push yourself to the limits that you begin to realize what you can really do. This situation is pretty much the same for everyone who has been trying to work towards their goals. They want to achieve something, but they have become complacent and afraid. When you make little progress, you think you're not making any progress at all. At this point, you need to make sure that your limitations do not end up as significant problems in the future. 

Tips To Become Better Than Before

How do you deal with self-imposed limitations? How do you tell yourself that you can be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday? 

How do you move past your limitations and allow yourself to grow

Here are a few tips to help you shape a better version of yourself:

Be with someone who will push you.

Getting a little bit of support from the people who matter the most in your life can make a huge difference in your endeavor. Encouraging words can keep you going, allowing you to break all barriers knowing you have someone on your side. 

When you have your person by your side, you have someone who can counter the negative thoughts inside your head. When it seems as if there is a task that you cannot do, there is someone who will remind you that it's okay to step out of your comfort zone. After all, it is when you are trying something new that you begin to learn new things about the world and yourself. 

Find yourself a person who believes in you and keep them in your life no matter what. 

Take on a little more challenge that you think you can. 

Pushing past your limitations means taking in newer, more progressive roles and harder challenges. If you are not trying to do something you are not used to doing, then you're not pushing yourself to be better.

When you decide to keep yourself within the confines of what you are already doing, you are not helping yourself at all. In fact, you are limiting yourself into being someone who just does things because they're comfortable. You are not doing anything new, so you are not learning something new as well. Stay in your comfort zone will hinder any and all progress.

Imagine what else you can be. 

How do you motivate yourself to keep your eye on the goal? Working to achieve your dreams takes a lot of focus. And where you decide to put that focus says a lot about who you are and what you can become. 

You must have an idea of where you want to be in the next few years. But if you only choose to stay where you are at the moment, you can't expect yourself to grow. Remember that you can only be where you want to be next in the future if you take the first step today. Imagine yourself where you want to be and then make a plan on how you can get yourself there. 

Take inspiration from the others around you. 

Whatever your goals are, there is someone around you who has already achieved it. They probably had to work their way to get there too. Seeing them succeed with the same goals as you is truly inspiring. What could they have done to achieve success? What did they do to push past their limitations? 

You can probably learn a thing or two from them. Take the opportunity to sit down with someone who has already done what you want to do; it is relatively easy to see what path they took to overcome their own limitations. 

The success of others should not be a cause of envy, but rather as a source of inspiration. Keep yourself motivated because soon, you will be able to reach your dreams too. 

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