The Relevance Of Kosha Energy

articles energy lifestyle Dec 19, 2020

You may already know about chakras, vital energy points that allow a smooth flow of positive energies through your physical body. But have you ever read about the kosha guide and its relevance in your life's success? 

Every person who seeks to improve their vital bodily energies should read about the human body's five elements or the Kosha. They need to understand how this could help them understand the value of having a balanced life. 

What Does Kosha Energy Mean?

The Koshas are energy "sheaths" that engulf the energetic body. According to Vedantic philosophy, the Kosha energies can be likened to the coverings of an onion. 

They move from the outer layers of the human skin down to the energetic layers of the deep spiritual core. The Koshas focus on how you conceptualize a vision of yourself. Like that of the chakra system, these Kosha layers are multifunctional, and each has an underlying meaning in psychology. 

In some respects, the sheaths of the Kosha energy mirror the energy layers of the human chakras. This is why it is important to have a firm concept of both to better understand how each system can work wonders for your body and your life in general. 

Even though the chakras and Koshas are similar, you need to understand the difference between them so you can take full advantage of them.

What Should You Know About The Kosha?

What does it mean to practice Kosha meditation? Is it similar to the meditative practice followed to release the blockages from the chakras of the body? It is important to understand all these to get a better view of your life can be like if you know how to use these energy points to your advantage. 

Here's a quick view of what each Kosha is and the area of your life that it deals with.


This is the food sheath. The first layer of Kosha energy represents the physical layer of the human body. This includes skin, muscle tissues, connective tissues, bodily fat, and bones. 

When you pinch your waist, you will feel the skin, the muscle tissues, and the layer of fat in that part of the body. Doing that means you have engaged with the Annamaya Kosha. For most people, their physical body is where they feel the most attached. 

The human body is where most people spend most of their time. Their physical senses give them a glimpse of what the world can offer. It is the part that is exposed for everyone to see. 


This is the second layer of Kosha energy. It refers to the subtle body, also known as the pranic aspect of the human body. In essence, this refers to the circulatory system of the life force energy. It includes the fluid aspects of the human body. 

It involves the human body that controls the blood's movement, the lymph nodes, and the cerebrospinal fluid that runs in the body. This is the part that controls the direction of the air through the body by breathing. 

In a more psychological approach, the Pranamaya Kosha is in charge of the body's bodily and spiritual rhythm. It is known as the energy sheath as it controls the major systems of blood and air in the body and the energy that runs through it. 


The third layer of the Kosha energy system is known as the mind sheath. It takes you to the deeper layers of the mind, emotions, and the nervous system. While modern technology and science research have given people an acute understanding of how the human mind works, there is still something that remains unexplored. 

The world may know how the mind works, but the part of the body that takes charge of intentions, motivations, and emotions remains a mystery. The Manomaya Kosha takes control of the emotional and physical body, sending various messages through brain synapses. 

It is in control of the human body's central nervous system, allowing the body to work as it should for human survival. This is the part where you learn to move from the physical realm to the emotional aspect of your being. 


This is the wisdom sheath. The fourth Kosha is the one where you discover when you go deeper into the Manomaya sheath. This is the part where you begin to develop insight, awareness, and consciousness. 

Emotions that are left unchecked can be very destructive. The awareness of the Vijanamaya Kosha focuses on your deepest desires and motivations, allowing you to see the choices you have made and understand why you have made such choices in life. 

Instead of merely feeling or acting on things, you will choose to feel or act on them with understanding and intent. 

Sometimes, the intention can be as simple as choosing to move past the situation and the emotion it brings about to focus more on the sensations and bliss. 


This is the fifth and the last Kosha, and it is in charge of "bliss." It brings you to the conscious awareness of the pure and radiant aspect of human happiness. With the Anandamaya, you will experience a connection between yourself and all the things around you.

It puts you in a state of liberation from being in a state of suffering. It elevates you to realize that your life is part of a more extensive system. Throughout the day, it will feel like you are shifting between different Koshas and gaining insight into how your life would be. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Every aspect of your body comes with layers of energy. Whether you focus on the chakras or welcome new knowledge about the Koshas, mindfulness of the body and its energies will help you find lasting joy and satisfaction.

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