Three Supermoon Rituals You Can Practice

Every Supermoon phenomenon is something that people look forward to. It is when the Moon orbits the Earth at its closest distance, and that's why it seems more significant to those on Earth. This close distance makes the Moon appear 20% larger than it usually does. 

But that's not all the Moon's effect has on Earth as it orbits closer and closer. The same phenomenon has given birth to what people refer to as Supermoon rituals. These are spiritual rituals that harness the Moon's natural energy and use it to bring about positive effects in their lives and interactions. 

The Supermoon also has substantial effects on the tides, making it seemingly impossible to travel through the waters. The waves' roughness can put any life at risk, and that's why people refrain from going through the oceans during this time. 

And yet, the Supermoon is not all that bad. It brings a kind of spiritual energy that gives people the energy to celebrate and be merry. It is also a phenomenon that inspires people to create and set new positive goals in life. 

What Should You Do During The Supermoon?

Are you wondering what to do during a Supermoon? The best thing is to prepare yourself for what it may bring. The energy from nature will be stronger at this time, and you need to know how to use it to your advantage. 

The practice of Supermoon meditation is going to help you through this phenomenon. It will allow you to tap into all the natural energy available for you at this time. Following a certain kind of ritual will help improve the situation. 

Not only does this mean you know what needs to be done, but it also means that you understand what your options are. Here are a few ritual ideas for what you can do during the Supermoon.

Ritual 1: Formulate a goal with pure intent

This is one of the easiest to say but one of the hardest to do. While people may have a clear goal in mind, when their intentions fail them, there is nothing that they could do to make things happen. 

At this point, you should take advantage of the Supermoon's energy to bring your intentions to fruition. Now is the perfect time to celebrate with simple rituals that express what your heart truly desires. 

One of the most popular rituals is writing down what you are hopeful for at this point in your life. Then, burn the paper to set it out into the Universe. The goals you set should not only be about what is good for you; they should be for the greater good of the community. 

The burning of the goals on the paper shows that you have a set of goals and that you are burning it as a way of letting it go to allow the higher power to manifest itself. It's a beautiful ritual, and it can be done in many different ways. 

Frankly, what matters is not the burning process but the act of letting go. The spiritual nature that comes in the process is what counts. It's something that you might want to try for yourself. 

Ritual 2: Cleanse your sacred objects

Do you have a personal bible you keep for yourself? Or crystals that you wear from time to time? How about a rosary or a mojo bag? Perhaps you have a deck of tarot cards too. All these are considered sacred objects, and the Supermoon is the best time to have them cleansed. 

There is no denying that the Moon comes with high power. It is not just the tidal waves that it controls, but it has other great energies it holds too. So if you have any of these sacred objects, then now is the best time to bring them out. 

To cleanse, simply place them under the moonlight and leave them there for as long as possible. This will enable these sacred objects to capture the Moon's rays. These valuable items are not only cleansed, but they can harness energy from the Moon too. 

Cleansing these things should be one ritual that you need to keep in mind. It is a process of letting go of the negative to give more room for the positive energies to enter your life. 

Ritual 3: Embrace the energy of the Supermoon

It is surprising how many people know how much energy the Supermoon has, but very few of them take on this energy for themselves. They bring out all their spiritual things to harness the Supermoon's natural power, but they forget about putting themselves out there as well.   

You must recognize that you are a spiritual object too. This means that the Moon's energy is not just for objects, but it is for people like you also. Do not fret if you are not the type who would dance naked under the moonlight or the type who would do some mystical chant. 

All you need is to get yourself out there. Nothing is more beautiful than enjoying the energy of nature when the dark sky is fully lit. Embrace the Universe, and feel blessed that you are a part of it. Recognize that you may be one person, but you are a part of this vast Universe. 

You are not alone. With all the positivity that the world has to offer, you can make a difference if you want to. Your life can have a substantial positive impact on other people, and that's what's most important. 

What's The Catch?

There is no catch. The Supermoon is a natural phenomenon that lends the Universe an extra ounce of energy. It is the perfect time to celebrate life and all the opportunities that it has to offer. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy it. 

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