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articles Apr 03, 2020

Do you want to experience things that you can’t normally do in your life? You may want to conquer your greatest fears or talk to that long time crush. You may even want to experience traveling to an alternate universe and meet who you are in that world. Do you know that it could be possible to do that? With lucid dreaming, you basically can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be

Understanding Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming may seem like this fantasy that is only made up, but it is actually possible for anyone to practice it. The meaning of lucid dreaming is straightforward: you are aware that you are dreaming a dream within the dream. And that’s where the magic happens because then, you have the opportunity to control the dream world and what’s happening in it. 

During your lucid dream, you can be actively participating, or you can also dream passively. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you can participate in your own dream? That way, you can create as well as control the dreams that you have. Imagine all the fun and adventures that you get to experience when you use lucid dream techniques. 

But passive dreaming isn’t all that bad; it can also be exciting. With this kind of lucid dreaming, you are still aware that you’re in a dream, but you allow your subconscious to do the work. It’s a great way to explore yourself and the inner workings of your mind. You can then work on dream interpretations and what they mean. 

How to Get Lucid Dreams

No matter what your goals for having lucid dreams may be, whether you want to be president, a famous person, a billionaire, or even experience lucid dream sex, you can do it. You only have to know how to get lucid dreams so that you can start fulfilling those desires in the dream world. 

The idea of lucid dreaming is simple, but achieving it may not be so easy for everyone. It’s going to take some practice and tweaking the lucid dream techniques that you’re using. To be able to lucid dream, you have to prepare yourself for mind training so you can achieve it. Here are the steps on how you can get lucid dreams. 

Remembering Your Dreams

One of the first important things that you ought to practice is remembering your dreams. It’s in this way that you can start learning how you can better control your dream world. Remembering what you’ve dreamt of will allow you to go back to them when you’re sleeping again. 

When you can do this, then you’re much closer to being able to lucid dream. People who have successfully learned how to lucid dream can remember three to four dreams every night. Isn’t that amazing? Here’s how you can practice remembering your dreams more vividly. 

Keeping a Dream Diary

This step is easy to do because all you need is a pen and a notebook and keep them beside your bed. Whenever you wake up, you can write your dreams with as many details as you can recall. It’s much better to write by hand rather than using a device like your smartphone or computer. Using devices will wake you up too much and won’t as an effective technique. 

If you remember plenty of details, you can begin by writing the essential details. You may then move into the more specific details afterward. Try to record as much information as you can recall before the mind fully wakes up, because when you’re already too awake, the dream fades away, and it’s going to be challenging to remember them. 

Keeping an Audio Diary

If you think that writing will wake you up, an alternative is using the voice recorder on your smartphone. With it, you can describe your dream. Make sure that you don’t move too much or do anything that will wake you up too much. Just like the previous step, record as many details as you can remember. 

Waking Up Earlier

To be able to recall your dreams, what you can do is wake up earlier. It’s because the best way to remember what you’ve been dreaming about is to wake up while you’re in the middle of it. Set your alarm an hour earlier than usual. This won’t really disrupt your daily routine because you don’t have to get up. All you need to do is to record what you can remember about your dream. You may then go back to sleep a bit more after that if you want. 

How Lucid Dreaming Can Change Your Life

With lucid dreaming, you can experience many things such as astral projection or out of body experience. You can also delve deep into your subconscious and access parts of your mind that you can’t usually reach during your waking hours. 

Lucid dreaming can also allow you to interpret what your dreams mean. Dream interpretation is meaningful because you can understand what your mind is trying to tell you. It’s your brain’s way of helping you solve problems that you are currently facing. 

Lucid dreaming can also serve as a way for you to practice what you want to do in real life. When you’re able to control your dream world, you can set a world that’s similar to the one that you have now. That way, you can have a trial of something challenging in your dream to prepare you for the actual thing in the real world. 

Do you have a big presentation for work, or are you scared of taking a difficult test? You can practice that in your dream so that you can be prepared when you’re actually going to do it. You can do this for any scenario, be it at work, school, your love life, and other aspects of your life.

Are you ready to try lucid dreaming tonight and experience something exciting? Try the steps we shared in this article, and see what happens! Remember, the more that you practice this, the more that you’ll be able to create and control your dream world successfully.

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