What Crystals Match Your Life Path Number


Every person has his own Life Path number. In the practice of numerology compatibility, anyone can find out how the numbers in their life, including their birth date and birth month, say a lot about their experience. 

Your Life Path number serves as your life's blueprint. It reveals your natural strengths and weaknesses. It tells you about your core personality, all based on numerology. 

When you know your number, you will be ready to amplify the energy that comes innately from your abilities. You can turn these into potentials for growth and success. All of these can be really exciting. 

Discovering One's Life Path Number

The numerology Life Path number can reveal so much about your life even before things happen. You can get the natural flow of energy where things are meant to be. In an instant, you have something that will push you to take on the things you were too afraid even to try. 

Knowing what you can expect from life through the practice of numerology is helpful in so many ways. For one, you can be more confident in taking on new challenges. The knowledge that you have of your Life Path number helps you enjoy many things, hopeful that each endeavor will prove fruitful in the end. 

Luckily, your Life Path number and your energy can also get some help through crystals. But how does that work?

Think of yourself as an athlete. Your goal in every game is to win. When you wear the crystal that amplifies the positive energy in your body, winning could be within arm's reach. 

Whether you are new to the practice of numerology or wearing crystals, you do not need to fret. Wearing a crystal that will remind you of your strengths will help you focus on what is important. 

The natural energies that resonate with the crystals will help bring forward all those inherent winning traits. But how do you know which crystal to wear?

Which Crystal Best Fits My Life Path Number?

Perhaps the first question you ask is this: How do I find my Life Path number? You'll have to speak to a professional numerologist, or you could probably look it up online!

Your intuition will often tell you which one is best to use for a particular moment in your life. But if you are not sure if you are feeling it correctly, here's a quick guide to crystals and how you could work them to your advantage:

Life Path 1

A natural leader that exudes independence, people with this path life number, works well with the frequency of the tiger's eye. This crystal helps them become more confident, ready to take on any new project that may come into play. 

While their overconfidence may result in something arrogant, wearing of the blue lace agate can help them communicate well with others, instead of pushing them away. 

Life Path 2

People with this number are natural mediators, always ready to be of help to others. Crystal experts highly recommend the black obsidian because they need something that will help absorb the negativity they encounter in helping smooth out differences in people. 

In addition, wearing turquoise for people with this Life Path only amplifies their kindness. It facilitates a person's natural ability to speak only from the heart. 

Life Path 3

People with this Life Path number are naturally creative and playful. They give off a sense of adventure to help people around them see things from a new perspective. Everyone loves their eccentricity and natural charm, which makes them a great companion for the shiva lingam. It is the stone that will help build up the passion that they already have inside them. 

The calming amethyst allows people in Life Path 3 to help keep their cool. They need to stay calm and collected when things don't work out for the best. 

Life Path 4

These people are hardworking, so they are also practical, reliable, and extremely focused. They desire to be productive, especially at the job that they do. The moss agate crystal is a perfect match to accentuate the strong sense of grounding and orderliness. 

Alongside, the wearing of rose quartz will help keep the balance. It will be their constant reminder that they need to take some time off too. This is the only means they can take care of themselves.

Life Path 5

This natural traveler lives to take on new experiences. Their adventurous side is an expression of their bold nature. They inspire others as they always think outside the box. They are so creative and flexible that thriving in a new environment has become their expertise. Onyx is the perfect gemstone to provide them protection as they travel.

Citrine is another gemstone that could be of good use for them as it helps stimulate their creativity. The stone also helps attract abundance to help them keep a steady job for a stable future.

Life Path 6

They are an ideal nurturer whose ideals of the world are always admired. The orange calcite is perfect for their kind and giving nature to help maintain positivity at all times. This unique stone protects their highly sensitive emotions. 

The blue kyanite, also known as the healer's stone, helps protect and ground auras. It will help people with Life Path 6 do what they do best, which is assisting others. 

Life Path 7

They are the people who always look at unconventional methods that can bring about new ways of thinking. The red garnet helps them keep one foot in the real world as the other one explores the endless possibilities. 

The moldavite is considered an enigmatic type of crystal as it heightens the unique and creative nature of the Life Path 7. It helps their mind see things from an elevated spiritual experience. 

Life Path 8

These business-minded individuals attract practicality and steadfastness. They are natural leaders in their own right and live with compassion in their hearts. The moonstone will help activate the chakras in their bodies and allow them to be spiritually guided as they take on life. 

Fluorite also helps them keep their focus while they strive to retain the new information they absorb. 

Life Path 9

This natural spiritual leader could make good use of labradorite as it is the stone that comes with great spiritual energy. The snowflake obsidian will also prove to be useful as it provides stability to help handle the pressure of feeling like they need to do more for others. While some challenges may cause a bit of depression, the snowflake obsidian will help transmute the negativity and turn the energy into something positive. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Every crystal comes with its own effect on the one using it. No matter what life path you are, for as long as you are determined to take on the challenge, every crystal will prove helpful. 

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