What Does it Mean to be Grounded?

articles Mar 27, 2020

When was the last time that you felt that you are in total control of your life? Do you still feel like your reality at the moment is the same one you recognize in your mind? In between the glorification of keeping a fast-paced life and the constant desire to check on social media, you must have felt ungrounded a couple of times more often than you think. But what does it mean to be grounded in the first place?

What is Grounding?

Being energetically grounded requires your inner chakra to be healthy and balanced. This means that your physical, emotional, and mental states should all be in one place, thinking practically of the same goals. When you feel strongly connected to the Earth, the more stable you become. 

Do you find yourself at ease going through all the tasks you have for the day? If you are filled with fears and worries, but they quickly fade away, then it means you are on the right track. You will feel safe, protected and that inner being inside of you is totally at ease. 

The most important aspect of being grounded is the fact that you should recognize when you are not. How could you stay grounded, then?

How Do You Know That You Need to Get Grounded? 

This, perhaps, is one of the most daunting questions one needs to find answers for. It isn’t easy to accept that you are losing your grounding, especially if you have worked so hard to make sure you keep it. 

And yet, denying that the problem does not exist won’t be helping you at all. In fact, things could only get worse when you don’t recognize the telltale signs. So, if anything in this list rings a bell for you, then you know it is time to work on your grounding:

  • Is there a project you started, but you can’t finish because you don’t have the focus to do it, right? You are not alone with this kind of challenge. In fact, there are so many others like you who are wondering what’s wrong with them that they can’t seem to finish what they started. 
  • Do you often find yourself staring in space, wondering about things? Sadly, when people ask you what you’re thinking about, you can’t really say what it is simply because you also don’t know.
  • Have you been asking questions about the people in your life or the things happening around you? If it seems as if you cannot find the reason why they are in your life, then there is something that needs to be done. 
  • Do you have the impulse to hoard on things you know you don’t really need? And although it may seem as if shopping can be a form of therapy, you know that it is not (at least not in this case).
  • If you feel the strong urge to be outside for no reason, then you must be in search of something that you cannot find from where you are or from within.

The good news in all these is that there are more than a handful of ways you can get yourself grounded again. 

How do you stay grounded?

Where do you begin to find your grounding? Grounded spirituality means finding the connection between the physical and the spiritual state of mind. It is by knowing what feeds the mind and the soul and striking a balance to achieve both. 

For example, people eat chocolates because they are hungry. But eating chocolates does not only target the physical body. The sensation that it brings to the body uplifts the spirits and brings the person in a state of mind where they only see the positive side of things. 

Chocolates are considered an “upper” because they do exactly that. Their sugar content makes the physical body more active, but it also puts the mind in a state wherein a person believes that anything can happen

Now, if you realize that you lost your grounding, and you want to get it back. How do you do it? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Tip 1: Connect yourself with nature. Go out and take a walk. Rest your back on a tree or lay on the ground. Whenever you feel anxious or in doubt that something might not be going as planned, all you need is to reconnect with nature. It will remind you that being in control of everything might not always be good. Sometimes, you also have to learn and let nature take its course. 
  • Tip 2: Sip on some herbal tea and get your physical body at ease. There are several herbal teas to choose from, just take your pick. The most recommended ones include valerian root tea, rose tea, and hibiscus tea. All of them can help you find your spiritual grounding from within.
  • Tip 3: There is nothing more relaxing than doing Yoga. Not only does Yoga poses help you connect with your spirituality, but it allows you to engage in exercise that will help keep the body posture and encourage weight loss. 
  • Tip 4: Eat your heart out, and there is nothing wrong about it. Nothing beats good food from making you feel good about yourself. If you want to munch on that bar of chocolate, then you should. If you want to go on healthy stuff, then do so. What’s most important is that you feel better afterward. 
  • Tip 5: Go out and get yourself busy with physical activities. Engage in sports. Try something new. Go for a run. All these physical activities will help clear the mind. When the mind is clear, it is easier to connect to the soul. 

There is so much more you can do to find your grounding. The first step is always to recognize that you need to feel grounded again and the rest will follow. Try the steps we’ve suggested in this article and see the effects that they have on you.

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